4 Ways to Solve Hanging Problem in your Smartphone


Low – end smartphones has a well known problem of hanging and lagging. This might happen because of too much apps and files in the phone. But let it not be a problem because you can handle the problem all by yourself

Here are four ways you can handle it and make sure you follow the instructions for better results.

  1. Clear nonuseful apps
Delete These Android Apps Now! - Save Data / Storage / Battery 2018 -  YouTube

Tgis include apps you less use, they may contain from 50 MB or higher, thereby taking the system space and causes your phone to lag or hang.so check out for non useful app in your phone and clear it.

  1. Install compactible apps

Compactible apps are application which have the same permission and version with your smartphone. Most people install incompatible apps to their phones, which may cause heating or hanging so to avoid this problem check app version before installing.

You can check your smartphone version in

Settings>>about phone>> Android version.

  1. Try installing a T- flash or memory card.

  1. This would be of help in copying or moving phone files to the sd card to free space on the phone memory. Before buying an sd card first of all check the minimum range your mobile phone can accept high expandable storage can cause damage to low end device’s.
  2. Delete junk files

Junk files files include empty folders which takes space on the memory one of the junk files that consumes a lot of space is the ” LOST DIR” this folder contains (rr,zip,png) files which may not work in your phone but only occupy the system space. So to locate and delete this folder go to

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