7 Examples Of Successful Push Notifications For Online Business

In practice, push notifications work in a very similar way to email and SMS. In our projects we use push to send marketing and transactional messages. The Push Hub differs from the usual distribution methods only in the format and delivery method of notifications. In particular, it has the following advantages in comparison with email, SMS messages:

● Push messages are displayed on top of all windows immediately upon receipt, regardless of whether the browser is open.

● When you click on a push message, it is not the expanded version of the message that is opened, but the site page specified by the sender. ● To subscribe to notifications users do not need to enter any additional data: just press the “Allow” button.

● You can unsubscribe from notifications in one click – the push channel cannot be blocked with spam. Using such alerts, we can count on the exclusive attention of subscribers to our push messages.

● To receive push notifications, you do not need to install additional software or plugins. Enough Chrome or Safari browsers.

● The price of push is several times lower than the price of SMS. The push mailing is as much as email (even a bit cheaper).

● The message delivery operator, like the browser, does not control the content of the notification itself. This means that your messages will not fall into the “advertising” folder on Gmail, or “spam.” Want to say: “-70% for the autumn collection” – just say it!

Who needs push notifications? 7 success stories 

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We use push in most projects we work on. The Push Hub want to offer some general examples of how push notifications can be used. Promotional Newsletters This is the easiest and most understandable way to use push notifications. First, we collect the subscriber base, the second step is to send them information about products and services, advertising, we motivate users to make a purchase. In this context, push can give even better results than the usual email, for the following reasons:

● The minimum conversion of site visitors into push subscribers is 2%, the average is 5%, and the maximum is 28% (hereinafter, the statistics are provided by Jeapie ). Visitors to the site actively subscribe even without offering bonuses to them and without using the sites for additional methods of obtaining subscriptions.

● Conversion of delivered push messages to open ones (that is, to completed visits to the site) is 10-20%.

● Because when opening a message, the user gets to the page of the site we need, with push decreases the number of steps that the user needs to take to perform the target action.

Content marketing

One of the tasks of content marketing is to keep users’ attention to the materials you create. For these purposes, push notifications are great. By collecting a subscriber base, we can unobtrusively notify them of new interesting articles, pdf-books, video materials, research, etc. In this way, we increase the activity of the audience and can gently “supplement” the product or service to users who once left the site without making a purchase.

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Live broadcasts,webinars

Push is the best way to alert you about live webcasts. Since notifications are displayed on the screen instantly when received, we can remind users about the start of the broadcast right at the moment of its launch. Email and SMS are delivered some time after sending, up to several tens of minutes for a large mailing list. With push notifications, this problem does not occur: Jeapie has a throughput of several thousand notifications from one site per minute.

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