OBS Window Capture Black

OBS (Open Broadcaster Software) window capture black screen on Chrome, Skype or other platforms that are in need of coverage can be quite annoying. It could spring up at a time when you really need to record your screen with Continue reading OBS Window Capture Black

Wii U Emulator Mac

Gaming consoles for PC may have been around for some time now, but a good number of people are yet to be tired of them. That can be attributed to the constant updates they are given through the use of Continue reading Wii U Emulator Mac

Contacts Not Syncing to Mac

One prevalent issue whose solution has been sought time and again is iPhone contacts not syncing to Mac operating system or iPhone photos not syncing with Mac despite the reliable nature of the iCloud. It’s also worthy to note that Continue reading Contacts Not Syncing to Mac

Essential Things To Consider When Choosing A Motherboard

A motherboard is the most important component of a computer or laptop. It regulates voltage, allows you to overclock both the CPU and the graphics card and it connects all the components together. With a low-quality motherboard, there may be Continue reading Essential Things To Consider When Choosing A Motherboard