Must-Have Accessories For Your New Smartphone

Smartphones were once considered a luxury. However, today, almost everyone owns a smartphone. In fact, it has become a necessity as they do not only help people keep in touch but can also allow them to get whatever they need. Nonetheless, when you buy a phone, all that you get is a phone with a […]

The Power Hero: ITEL Mobile Introduces New Monster Battery Smartphones, The Itel P33 And P33 Plus In Nigeria

Lagos, Nigeria, March 25th, 2019- itel Mobile, Africa’s foremost customer-centric brand that provides budget-friendly and high-quality smartphones for everyone, has today unveiled a significant upgrade to its existing super Max-power flagship series – the itel P33 and itel P33 plus, in a heroic themed launch event in Lagos. Building on the premium legacy of long-lasting battery performance, the […]

LG G5 Battery Removal (Easiest Method)

Does the LG G5 have a removable battery? If so, how do you go about the LG G5 battery removal? If you’ve pondered on any of these, then we’ve got you covered. For starters, this Smartphone’s battery can definitely be removed, but as simple as it may sound, there’s more to it than pulling out […]

Top Four Affordable Phones You Can Buy

When it comes to cheap, good phones, there are more than enough to go round. This is because the cost of phones has significantly dropped and software is getting better. In line with this, i share the top affordable phones to buy. Huawei Honor 9 Lite The Honor 9 Lite doesn’t seem to have any […]

6 Reasons You Should Never Root Your Andriod Phone

1. Goodbye to warrantyThe first thing to take note is that if you root your Android smartphone, you will most probably lose the device’s warranty coverage. While some manufacturers like Xiaomi, OnePlus, Google Nexus and more do let you unlock a device’s bootloader and root with their official method, most other companies void your warranty […]

6 Things To Do When Your Phone Overheats While Charging

It is normal for a phone to get slightly hot during usage, but a phone overheating while charging is not normal. Therefore when your phone is overheating, you must take proactive actions to cool it or else risk your battery melting or exploding. Overheating can also damage the touchscreen as the heat can be conveyed […]

Sure Ways to Charge Your Smartphone Quicker

You’re about to head out the door, but your phone desperately needs some extra juice before you leave. Thankfully, you can charge your phone faster … if you can separate truth from myth. If you remember your high school physics, electricity is measured in watts, which is a product of voltage (in the number of […]