Virtual Assistant For Business in 2019

Every day, you go to the office, turn on the computer and see that you have received 60 e-mail messages that need to be answered. However, you do not have time to answer all these emails. Then it’s time for you to hire a virtual assistant for business . When you start your business, you […]

Tech Innovations That Can Help Tackle Youth Unemployment In Nigeria

High unemployment, especially among the youths, has negative consequences on the economy of the country and population. Finding the right solution to this problem isn’t an easy thing to do. It requires the cooperation and contribution of everyone. Fortunately, technology may be able to provide some solutions. Here are some tech innovations that can help […]

Signs Your Startup is Ready To Raise Capital

For entrepreneurs, the hardest thing isn’t coming up with innovative ideas, it’s knowing which of your ideas or businesses are worthy of financing. The truth is finding the money to run a startup requires a lot of planning, regardless of whether you’re going to pursue outside funding or choose to bootstrap your first few months. […]

Advantages Of Using The Vacuum Cleaner For House Cleaning

Each year the technology contributes to the day-to-day functionality in order to make life easier for people. The vacuum cleaner is an example, it has come to help the lives of those who venture into domestic activities. In the old days, around the 19th century, the vacuum cleaner was created to help people get rid […]

How to Support Female Entrepreneurs in Nigeria

Women entrepreneurs are actually becoming more successful and ambitious in today’s business world. However, there are still a whole lot of efforts that still need to be invested in boosting and accelerating female entrepreneurship especially in an emerging nation like Nigeria. In line with this, we discuss ways to boost female entrepreneurship in Nigeria. Better […]

Ways Fintech is Disrupting Businesses in Nigeria

Fintech is an umbrella term that encompasses the innovative ways technology is used to deliver and transform financial services. From banking to payments to lending, fintech companies are increasingly attempting to compete with banks that have been around far longer and that arguably have far more money than they do. So in several ways, fintech […]

Five Ways to Women Can Protect Themselves on Twitter

Due to its public nature, Twitter is one of the most notorious social media platforms when it comes to online harassment. And it’s not just celebrities and public figures who get abuse heaped on them. There are endless stories of regular people who have been attacked, often for simply speaking out. Some governments have even […]

Golden State Warriors’ Andre Iguodala Joins Jumia Board of Directors

Leading e-commerce platform in Africa announces the addition of the NBA player and tech “ambassador” on its board. Andre Iguodala, a member of the three-time reigning NBA champion Golden State Warriors, has joined the Board of Directors of Jumia, the leading e-commerce platform in Africa. As Jumia’s ambassador charged with promoting business development and technology […]

Overturning the Narrative of Logistics Challenges in eCommerce

John Doe ordered a washing machine on Tuesday on the XYZ online store. The available information on the website is that it will be delivered in 2 to 3 days. It is now Friday and Doe is yet to receive his order. He contacted XYZ online store on both Twitter and phone but did not […]

Jumia, Xiaomi partner to Drive Smartphone Penetration in Africa

Jumia, Africa’s leading e-commerce platform, has signed an important partnership with technology leader Xiaomi at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, giving millions of users in Africa easy access to Xiaomi products. Through the partnership, Jumia will open the Mi official store on its platform and give Xiaomi access to millions of online customers across 14 […]