Meeting Customers’ Everyday Needs Through An Ecosystem of Digital Services

Before the internet disrupted how and where customers make their purchases through eCommerce, most of their needs were usually met via various physical points of sale scattered across different locations. When eCommerce brought the ease and convenience of shopping, many abandoned the old and stressful way of shopping.  Although, at the early days of eCommerce […]

How The Internet of Things (IoT) Can Benefit the Nigeria Travel Industry

For those in the travel industry, one of the most important and powerful emerging technology trends, which needs to be understood and explored, is the Internet of Things, or IoT for short. It has the potential to fundamentally changing how many tourism companies operate, improve their revenue management, and enhance the customer experience. The Internet […]

How Struggling Retailers Can Improve Business by Selling Online

With the many advantages of the World Wide Web and its impact on businesses, you would think the bandwagon impact would be massive. Apparently, this is not the case as there are still a good number of businesses that are yet to bring their business online. Surprisingly, some of these businesses are struggling and are […]

22 Unique Benefits For Joining Recharge And Get Paid (RAGP)

There are 22 unique benefits to be enjoyed by all who decide to partner with this RAPG company 1. You earn 20% of your registration fee when u register. This can be called your welcome bonus. 2. You earn 2% of the Airtime you recharge. 3. You earn 10% of the Data bundle you buy. […]

Reasons Why Your Business Needs a Mobile App

Today, almost everyone owns a smartphone because it is very much affordable. According to the Jumia Nigeria Mobile Report, in 2014, phones sold on Jumia have priced an average of $216 and by 2017 this price had gone down to $100. In Africa, the price dipped from $165 to $96 in the same period. Hence, […]

Text Messages Not Sending Android (Quick Fix)

Text Messages Not Sending Android [Quick Fix] At one point or the other, you may have encountered the problem of text messages not sending on Android. Whether it’s a mobile carrier like Sprint, Verizon, T mobile, or AT & T you’re using, then we’ll like to believe that the first thing you did in a […]

LG G5 Battery Removal (Easiest Method)

Does the LG G5 have a removable battery? If so, how do you go about the LG G5 battery removal? If you’ve pondered on any of these, then we’ve got you covered. For starters, this Smartphone’s battery can definitely be removed, but as simple as it may sound, there’s more to it than pulling out […]

What is Allshare Cast Dongle?

What is Allshare Cast Dongle? Are you wondering, what exactly is the Allshare cast dongle from Samsung? Then you’re not alone! So far, many queries have been made on Reddit, Youtube, Quora, and several other resourceful platforms. The question may even come in a form of “what is AllShare Cast dongle and do I need it?”. Whichever is […]

Factors To Consider Before Buying A TV

When considering buying a brilliant TV to stand against or hang from a wall as the centerpiece of a living room, many people think about just two factors: how big it is, and how much it is. For some people, buying a TV may never come down to anything more than that. i examines the […]

Make Money While You Recharge Your Phones and Buy Data , Pay Utility Bills with RAPG

Brief presentation of RAGP TELECOM Business Introduction Recharge and get paid is not a promo!Recharge and get paid Ltd is a limited liability company incorporated by the CAC in August, 2015 and licensed by the NCC on 22nd March, 2016 to carry out telecommunications business in Nigeria. Recharge and get paid Ltd has also obtained […]