Tech News today is all about Google’s plan to make their technology known through the Android operating system. This is a very exciting new direction for technology and it shows that Google is gearing up for a major battle with Apple and their iPhone brand. We all know that Google has been spending millions of dollars on advertisements and marketing. With this in mind, it would only make sense for them to try and corner the mobile world in as little time as possible. This is how they are planning to win the future of phones.

One aspect that is of great importance when it comes to the latest tech news is the newest applications that are coming out with the Android operating system. Applications such as Google Maps have taken the mobile world by storm. With over 20 million downloads to date, it is easy to see why these apps are so popular. Users love to use these apps because they can turn the smart phone into a map/uru on the go.

If you were not aware, you could actually take your smart phone, turn it on, download an application, and turn it into a personal digital assistant. The applications for the “Google Voice” include Google Maps, Gmail, Google Now, and the real watch. These are all incredibly useful for any smartphone user. They also combine to make for a very versatile device, especially for travelers who want the most flexible device available on the market.

It looks as though Google will be releasing two more applications into the Google Play Store by the end of 2010. One of these will be a division between the ecommerce and Google Pay. As we know, Google Pay will allow merchants to accept payments from online shoppers via their cards. If they successfully incorporate this functionality into the “Google Voice”, then the ecommerce possibilities will be endless.

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Tech News states that Google will be releasing two new Android applications to accompany the Google Voice application. This is yet another sign that they are looking to improve upon the Flipkart Quiz. One of the features that will be integrated into the Flipkart Quiz will allow users to get instant answers to trivia questions. You will be able to enter a question, have an answer emailed to you, then answer the question when you are ready. The other new application will enable users to find the latest tech news.

A couple of other applications have been announced. They include Amazon App quiz, which will be integrated within the Amazon Kindle; as well as, Facebook’s own Social Ads, which will also be used within the Facebook app. Both of these upcoming applications are expected to be released in the next few months. It is important to remember that with the recent merger of Amazon and Twitter, it does not mean that the company is changing its name or its focus. However, it does mean that they are looking to integrate more services within the social media company.

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