Install these 5 apps on your smart phone and get paid in dollars.


Dear readers, welcome to my blogs. Have you been searching of how you can make money online without stress,then congrats as you have bounced on the right place.

Now I am going to introduce to you these 5 popular apps were you can make money directly from your phone.

1. App booty

Once you install this app you will have an instance bonus of $5. and above you can also make money by referring to friends.

2.App trailers

This is similar to app booty ,you make monkey by installing, referring to a friend and lots more.


Make money by installing, taking pictures and uploading it, and also completing task.


Also similar to shutterstocks, upload your pictures online and get paid ,also completing some tasks.

5.Quick Cash

This app will pay you just for watching ads, playing games and shopping online and be paid for what you did.

With these apps listed here you can be able to make money from them by just installing them on your smartphone.

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