Magic Submitter Review Summary

Can the Magic Submitter by Alexandr Krulik really help in bringing you a lot of traffic on your website? Find out the truth in this unbiased and transparent review today. Unlike some reviews that I had the chance to check out while doing my research, this one is not trying to promote Magic Submitter by saying how great it is ONLY to earn commissions and make money. Within the next few minutes, you will find out what this product is REALLY all about.

What is Magic Submitter?
What Magic Submitter does is that it builds a lot of backlinks quickly by submitting premade articles to different directories online. This can add thousands of backlinks onto your website in a matter of minutes.

The WHITE HAT approach to building backlinks is by manually going to all these different websites, forums and putting out your links along with some value (otherwise your links won’t get accepted and you will be marked as a spammer). This is way more time consuming as you can imagine, but it is the ONLY REAL way to get long term results with your SEO efforts.

If these software backlink builders worked so great, everyone would be using them and no one would bother spending time to manually build backlinks, right? Another thing that’s worth mentioning is that Google and the other search engines put more emphasis on the QUALITY of content being published more so than anything else.

When Magic Submitter gets your content spun and republished on all those different websites and article directories , it can be marked as duplicate. That is definitely NOT something good and can hurt your organic rankings a lot

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Product Name: Magic Submitter

Created By: Alexandr Krulik

Product Type: SEO Ranking Software

Price: $67/Month ($4.95 For The First Month) + hidden costs

Recommended: No

Overall Score: 25/100

Summary: Magic Submitter is a software that supposedly helps you by automatically making original content and publishing it on 500+ websites which gives you a lot of backlinks that help with boosting your domain and website authority. This results in higher Google and other search engine rankings.

These are black and grey hat SEO techniques that Google does not appreciate and when the search engines catch on to you, there’s a high risk of you losing all your work and rankings.

What’s Inside Magic Submitter?

Inside Magic Submitter you will get the following:

– Software that automatically generates 1000’s of backlinks for your websites.

– Access to forums where you can engage with other members of Magic Submitter.

– Support Desk that allows you to communicate and get help from the support team if you get stuck with anything and need help.

– Regular software updates.

– Live monthly training sessions that discuss different strategies and give you the chance to ask questions and get answers.

– Training Materials. 60+ educational videos that teach you how to operate and work with the software

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