Make Money While You Recharge Your Phones and Buy Data , Pay Utility Bills with RAPG

Brief presentation of RAGP TELECOM Business

Recharge and get paid is not a promo!Recharge and get paid Ltd is a limited
liability company incorporated by the CAC in August, 2015 and licensed by
the NCC on 22nd March, 2016 to carry out telecommunications business in
Nigeria. Recharge and get paid Ltd has also obtained the distributorship
licence of all the Four major GSM network providers in Nigeria to
distribute their recharge card digitally. As the name implies, it means
when u recharge ur own phone, u will be paid cash discount.

RAGP mission statement
“To create wealth for the people, through our superb products & unique
compensation plan, create employment….”

Explanation of RAGP mission statement

  • to create wealth for the people. Who are these people? It’s simply the
    140M Nigerians who are actively using GSM; recharging their phones and
    subscribing for data since 2001 without cash discount or any form of cash
  • RAGP superb products. Our product is recharge card, which almost everyone
  • unique compensation plan: for those who can do the networking aspect,
    which is not compulsory anyway, RAGP has the best compensation plan in
    Nigeria now.
  • Creating employment: so many jobless graduates have found work doing RAGP

Huge Market potential of recharge card in Nigeria

Nigeria has close to 140M active GSM users, more than 100M out of this are
connected to the internet. These 140M people contribute close to #100bn on
daily basis through recharging and data subscription. I bought MTN Lumos
recently and discovered that one has to use MTN recharge card for
subscription to get Light 24/7. Half of this #100bn go to distributors.
This is what the banks saw and started selling recharge card through VTU.

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Why U shouldn’t recharge from ur bank account

Many people erroneously believe that their banks don’t charge them extra
amount when they recharge directly from their account. Let me ask u these
following questions:

  1. Do u receive SMS alert after recharging, and how many?
  2. Even if the SMS alert charges are not debited immediately, do u ever
    receive SMS debit alert any other time within the month?
    Some people also maintain that banks charge for VAT which goes to the
    federal Govt.
    Banks will also earn 5% from ur network provider, this money cud be urs if
    u are a distributor through RAGP.

Registration packages in RAGP

to be part of RAGP business, u must register in any of these packages:

  1. Executive Platinum #100,000
  2. Ordinary Platinum #50,000
  3. Diamond #40,000
  4. Gold #30,000
  5. Silver #20,000
  6. Bronze #10,000
  7. Basic #5,000

Basic benefits of an investor in RAGP

  1. Registration bonus: 20% when u register in any of the above packages.
  2. Power of attorney to refer other people to also get their VTU from RAGP.
    U can use this power or decline
  3. Distributorship licence to distribute the recharge cards of all the GSM
    network providers in Nigeria.
  4. Recharging directly from your network provider.
  5. Payment on your personal recharges
  6. Payment on when u transfer/sell recharge card to anyone
  7. 10% cash discount on data subscription
  8. Cheaper cable TV subscription.
  9. VTU bonus 10% u can only use this for calls. It’s not cash Note: one doesn’t have to refer anyone to get these benefits.

Additional benefits for active partners

  1. Direct referral bonus: 20%
  2. Indirect referral bonus: 10%
  3. Daily dividend: u will be earning from the recharge & data subscription
    of ur direct and indirect down lines for life.
  4. Leadership bonus: #100,000 monthly. Must be at least a Platinum before
    u qualify
  5. Incentives:
    a. Free travel to Dubai or #500,000 in lieu. U must be a Platinum before u
    b. Free tear rubber car or #2,000,000 in lieu. U must be a Platinum before
    u qualify.
    c. House fund of #3,000,000. U must be a Platinum before u qualify.
    d. Villa award of #4,000,000. U must b an executive platinum before u
    e. Gratuity of #6,000,000. U must be an executive platinum before u qualify.
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Note: active partners are those who create awareness about RAGP
telecommunications business to family & friends and dissuade them from
recharging through their account or buying paper recharge. Networking is
the 21st century business MTN is using networking to sell their Lumos
electricity now. When people go to buy Lumos, MTN will tell them what to
benefit when they refer other people to come and buy Lumos too😁😁😁. I
just like referring people

How to get registered on RAPG

Contact – 08157053556 NOW on Whatsapp

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