Nigeria Computer Society technical study on 5G technology shows no links to COVID-19


The concerns of citizens and governments of different countries on the adoption of 5G technology continue to be heightened because the general presumptuous perceptions.
The social media, particularly Instant Messaging platforms, have been inundated with viral conspiracy theories that 5G is the cause of Coronavirus.

These concerns have metamorphosed into fears about the planned implementation of 5G networks and the potential that such a network will impact the health of Nigerians.

Even with the explanation offered by Federal Ministry of Communications and Digital Economy some weeks ago, and the confirmation of same report by the Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC), the Senate of the Federal Republic of Nigeria has shown determination to further investigate the issue.

Nigeria Computer Society (NCS) recently undergone a technical study to assess the possible health effects of 5G Technology, the relationship between 5G Technology and Corona virus pandemic and any other related public concerns.

President of the Society, Prof. Adesina Sodiya commenting about the interim report obtained by, said that as the main driver of Information Technology development, it was necessary they constituted a technical committee to study the technology before taking technical position on the issue.

Prof. Adesina Sodiya
President of NCS, Prof. Adesina Sodiya

Relationship between Covid-19 and 5G Networks

“NCS wishes to assert that there NO scientifically proven link between the corona virus (Covid-19) and 5G Networks”, he said.

The report also gave the reasons as:-

The global science establishment has established that: “Non-ionizing radiation from 5G networks do not have fundamental energy to liberate electrons and cause damage to human tissues or deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA) – the self-replicating material which is present in nearly all living organisms as the main constituent of chromosomes which are the carrier of genetic information.

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“High frequency does not mean higher energy.

The committee noted that countries like Iran, that has no 5G network, has high rate of Covid-19 infection and death.

“Based on what is currently understood by globally established mainstream science, 5G does not present any human health risks. However, the committee was of the view that ongoing and further research should be encouraged especially by indigenous researchers.

He said that “NCS observed that the Federal Ministry of Communication and Digital Economy in conjunction, and the Nigeria Communications Commission (NCC) sanctioned presentations/ demonstrations to the general public of 5G technology in November 2019 in the Federal Capital Territory by MTN. It is believed that after the aforementioned demonstration a three months pilot test would commence and then roll-out as commercial dictate”.

To this end, NCS has recommended a reform of the regulation of the frequency spectrum and improving the approval process though appropriate regulatory reform starting by merging frequency regulators.

“Further strengthen policy and legal instruments for guiding the controls and use of data by third parties by reinforcing the Nigeria Data Protection Regulation with comprehensive Data Protection Law.

“Develop indigenous knowledge, content and intellectual capacity on 5G and its related technologies, risks, socio-economic value chains, health, opportunities and challenges.

5G network
“Promote indigenous telecommunications research into biological science – such as potential health implications of radiation; mathematical sciences – for example the development of national digital algorithms for security of the platforms, physical science – including enhancing the safe and cost effective propagation of radio waves especially in domestic rural settings; and social sciences – especially social and economic impacts like Privacy and undue concentration of wealth.

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“Implement measures to prevent the proliferation and interdict occurrences of fake news. The committee appreciates that responsible government entities and officials need, in response to the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, to use SMS and online instant messaging platforms to regularly, quickly and efficiently, and cost effectively pass across important messages to the public”, among other recommendations even as the President said, “Nigeria Computer Society wishes to work with relevant government agencies to conduct scientific research to unravel the hiding technical challenges around 5G adoption in Nigeria”.


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