Reason Why you should never charge your phone or laptops overnight.


Charging your cell phone battery overnight can be a real worry for your smartphone. Several elements suggest that this method can have negative consequences on the longevity of your phone.

We all know this kind of situation: after several hours of work, our phone has run out of battery. When you leave work, you spend the evening in the company of those around you and the rest of the battery runs out. When you get home, you are ready to go to bed and it is at that precise moment that you decide to recharge your cell phone battery … While you sleep. But it’s actually a really bad habit

The battery is never at 100%

Iphone and nokia

The reason why you shouldn’t charge your phone at night is more or less simple. First of all, modern batteries are usually made of lithium-on, also called li ion. As a result, they have a higher capacity compared to those of older generation phones such as the Nokia 3310 or the Motorola clamshell. The advantage of today’s batteries is that our phones charge much faster. But to recharge it for a week, we will go back.

Current batteries, although efficient, are smaller compared to older models. As a result, using our apps on our phones consumes a lot of energy. This drop in power leads us to recharge our smartphones during the night. If when we woke up, the battery is 100% good, it was badly damaged during the night.

Risk of overheating

And for good reason, this practice leads to a gradual reduction in the capacity of the battery, if this method is used regularly. The right advice for recharging your phone: it must not be flat and recharging must begin as soon as your battery drops to around 35-40%. Another thing to take into account: you don’t have to wait 100% to unplug your phone.
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That is, don’t charge your phone at night to avoid overheating and loss of performance.

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