Smartphones have unquestionably become a top-tier essential requirement. To make life comfortable and simple, every man requires good food, nice clothing, good shelter, and, of course, a nice smartphone. To stay linked to people and locations, we need smartphones.

Smartphones play an important role in the dissemination of information and news, as well as linking families and friends through simple communication channels and the development of companies and brands around the world. Life would be as it was in the stone age if we don’t have smartphones.

People are quickly addicted to this electronic device, as wonderful as it is. Aside from the mental and social problems that come with smartphone addiction, excessive smartphone use can lead to brain diseases.

More than half of mobile users who are already addicted to their devices exhibit ALL ten symptoms. Check if you exhibit all ten symptoms to see if you’re still addicted.

PS: If you exhibit Any of the symptoms, you are Fully ADDICTED to your smartphone and should minimise your smartphone use, but if you exhibit any, you might be on the verge of being addicted!

  1. Pressing your phone is the first thing you do in the morning and the last thing you do at night. Even if there are no notifications or messages, you check your phone often.
  2. You can’t live without keeping your phone in your hands or in your possession. Your phone is never in your pocket or bag; it is always in your hand.

When people like this fail to bring their phone with them, they have a panic attack.

  1. You take your phone with you to the toilet and the shower.
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  1. You push the power button on your smartphone when it is charging. Every day, you charge your phone more than three times. When your phone’s battery is running low, you search for your charger with bated breath.
  2. 4You can’t stop yourself from pressing your phone in public, on the side of the road, on commuter buses, and at social gatherings.
  1. When you’re sad or depressed, you still reach for your phone. When you’re in a bad mood, you already use your mobile as therapy.
  2. You’re watching a movie while pressing your phone, eating while pressing your phone, or driving while pressing your phone.
  1. You’re having trouble completing important assignments, tasks, or jobs because you’re spending so much time on your computer.
  2. You’re on your phone while talking to your partner, kids, doing housework, attending a meeting or conference, or attending an important appointment.
  1. 10.If smartphone use has resulted in a significant amount of problems in your life, such as bad grades, a broken home or relationship, legal issues, mental and emotional disorders, to name a few, you’re COMPLETELY ADDICTED to your smartphone.

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So, are you addicted to your phone or on the verge of being addicted? Here’s where you can express yourself!

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