Regular phones, years earlier, started being smart. But with a mobile, you can do almost anything now, and there are even great hacks that you bet you didn’t hear about. There will be a couple of them identified for you today.

10). 10). Stop using your phone when it is being charged.

There aren’t any quick charging cords there to bug you. No, although they are supposed to prevent you from using your phone when charging it, since it’s not safe for the existence of the device.

(9).) 9). “auto-rotate”auto-rotate

You can hold the -rotate screen feature disabled and use it only when appropriate. A specific sensor called an accelerometer, which absorbs a great deal of the battery power, is used to leave it on.

(8)). 8). Shift your phone to “Airplane Mode” to charge more easily.

The transition to “Airplane mode” stops your phone from looking for a transmitter, which allows it even easier to charge. While smartphones are quicker to charge nowadays, it is still a fantastic and super powerful hack for an even faster way to charge.

7). (7). In order to take continuous shots, click and hold the shutter button.

Depending on the phone, the feature called’continuous shot’ enables you to take up to 20 shots per second. Not many people are sure of this, but all you have to do is push the shutter button and keep it down to see the magic happen.

6). How to boost audio when a video is taken

By shielding your microphone, you will boost the audio quality of your images. The explanation behind this brilliant trick is that it muffles external noise when you shield the microphone, enabling you to hear the primary audio streams clearer. Only use a finger to shield the microphone when the videos are being shot.

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5). A black wallpaper will cover your battery

One of the main ways to drain the battery of your smartphones faster is phone luminosity. To minimize this, quickly download a dark wallpaper

4). How to correctly clean the panel of your phone

Studies have found that your computer contains more bacteria than the toilet cover. Often sticky objects and hands contact your phone on a regular basis. Luckily, what you need to disinfect it is a combination of 80 percent water and 20 percent alcohol (such as isopropyl alcohol) to clean it. Place it in a spray bottle, spray it, and scrub it off.

3). Reinforcement of the morning alarm

If you’re worried you’re going to sleep through your alarm because it’s not noisy enough, either stick your phone in a cup or a mug. That’s going to make the alarm sound even stronger.

(2)). 2). Restart your phone 3 days a week at the very least

Your phone does not operate at full potential all the time. In order to run it smoothly, restart it at least 3 days a week. This would reset the apps and get a break from your smartphones.

1). (1). The Volume Keys can be used as a Shutter Button

Trying to take pictures with one hand using the regular shutter button could prove to be challenging, particularly if your phone is larger. It could cause the shot you took appear a little shaken or even drop the phone in worse situations, so if you want to take one-handed pictures, this is the way to go.

I hope this article can benefit you a lot and please if you know that you kindly go to the comment box to drop your suggestion and comment thank you if there is some other smart phone trick or hack.

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