Unlike the Abeg App There are many apps that come with a phone that cannot be uninstalled by the user. Why is this the case? because uninstalling these apps may cause your phone to misbehave, which is normal, but there are still some apps that were not manufactured with the phone but cannot be uninstalled, and these apps are installed by other apps that have ads (advertisement) and other auto-running features on them.

Today I’m going to show you some apps that you should uninstall right away before they damage your phone. Although you may not notice it, these apps damage a device gradually until it completes its mission.
Apps You Should Uninstall Right Now

1) Apps that start automatically

Apps that continue to run without permission, are not manufactured with the phone, have no valid value, do not have user permission, and so on.

Most people instal these apps because they were introduced to them because of one good feature or another, but they refuse to discover the bad features in the app, which are very harmful to a mobile phone.

2) Launcher for mobile devices

Phone launchers are a good idea for a mobile phone, but downloading the wrong launcher is the main issue. When you download a launcher that does not suit the needs of your phone, it contributes to harmful problems with the phone, and it may take a while before you notice this, but it must eventually develop a fault. So I recommend that you use the built-in mobile Launcher because it is the best option for your phone.

The Drawbacks of Such Apps

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As a result of all of the aforementioned habits, the mobile phone develops the following issues:

1) It reduces the amount of Random Access Memory (RAM) (RAM)

2) It Slows Down Phone Speed

3) The phone battery dies before reaching its full capacity.

4) High temperature: it causes the phone system to become warm or very hot.

5) A few more issues.

By avoiding such apps, you can now use and enjoy your smartphone without worry.

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