1. Making Yourself Invisible on WhatsApp

  1. Yes, this works like magic if you don’t want someone to see you online, check your status, or access your account details. On Android, go to Menu > Settings > Account > Privacy and change your personal data visibility and privacy settings. Adjust the settings on iOS by going to Settings > Privacy.
  2. Highlighting Messages

  1. This enables you to write your messages in a variety of styles such as bold, italic, and strikethrough. If you want your message to be italic, use the underscore symbol on both sides of your (text), if you want it bold, use (text) on both sides, and if you want to strikethrough, use twiddles on both sides like (text).
  2. Sending A Group Message But Not Starting A Group Chat

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  1. This is known as a mailout. To do so, go to Chats > Menu > New transmission, then press “+” to pick or enter the names of receivers. The massages will be sent in the normal manner and sent to any receiver you specify, and they will only be seen by you and your contacts.
  2. How to Recognize That You Are Blocked

  1. Being blocked has various signs in some conversations, but they all mean the same thing: you no longer see his picture on his profile, you don’t know when he was last seen, all massages are ticked once regardless of whether they were given or not, and you can’t add him/her to a group chat.
  2. Reducing Storage Capacity Due to Auto Downloading
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  1. This form of setting is the default, which means it automatically saves all media sent or received while speaking, which may cause a storage shortage on your smartphone. On Android, go to Settings > Data > Usage and disable autosave. On iOS, go to Settings > Data > Storage > Usage > Media and disable autosave.

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