The iPhone is perhaps one of the most sophisticated, yet easy to use the device. It has amazing icons and quite some beautiful menus. It worth mentioning that it is also specially made virus-proof, making it quite awesome. In order words, Apple is not an easy phone you’d hack smiling, hacking an iPhone is pretty hard!

What’s this article for? you perhaps might be wondering. Well, we all know the saying of how nothing is impossible? pretty sure we do know nothing really is impossible, and that includes hacking an IOS device. In this article, I will be showing you the 6 Best Hacking Apps for the iPhone device.


Before getting into the list, I must warn you that applying any of the methods mentioned below will likely cause your device to breakdown, doing this will make it vulnerable to attacks. Second, note that we are in no way advocating any malicious acts through this article. The apps listed in this article are simply for educational purposes only.

6  Best iOS Hacking Apps

1. mSpy

The mSpy app is presently known to be the best software used to actively hack another IOS device without getting noticed. Its amazing features include; a GPS location tracking system, monitoring all incoming and outgoing calls, virtual monitor of all apps, and the ability to secretly operate such device from your own interface.

2. iRET

Moving on to the second-best hacking app on our list called the iRET toolkit. This tool offers quite a more technical approach to hacking any iOS device. It practically enables hackers to break down the security frame of an iOS device, this then makes it possible to detect any error and weakness on the device, through which penetration can be made.

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3. Burp Suite

The third app for hacking an iOS device the Burp Suite. The name might be weird, but it is certainly one of the best apps out there. The penetration testing of this app gets effective when traffic is being hacked on a network. So, the main use of this app, is that it is used to inspect the traffic regulations of the device and thereby locate weaknesses or errors.

4. NordVPN

Hacking activity mainly involves breaking down a device, then you need to pretty much breakdown your iPhone and probably get it out in the public WiFi. This app simply allows hackers to easily get passwords of any other devices they want. Easy!

5. Cycript

Cycript is known to be one of the best hacking apps in use today. One of its uses is that it allows hackers to go through the ecosystem of any particular iOS device. In their words, an SQL injection can directly be given by a hacker so as to detect the weaknesses of a device.

6. Hopper App

Hopper App operates more like reverse engineering. It simply allows hackers to produce source codes from compiled codes. It is also known as Hopper Disassembler. Through this tool, hackers can simply know how a device works. You need to be a developer to effectively make use of this app.

Final Thought

 The iOS devices are quite expensive, small, easy to transport, good looking with amazing icons and features, and of course security proof. But the fact still remains the same, there are some weak parts of the device ecosystem that is filled with errors and this leaves it open to attack.

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