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Today am going to teach you on the secret codes that do exist in your phone that you might not be aware of..

1.The moments you are using your phone and you feel like need to hide your number from all outgoing calls you can dial #31#”then phone number”.

2. If you want to show your IMEI number which is very important you can dial *#06#. Note that IMEI number is every important.

3. This the code that you use to show you the wifi signal, battery usage and many other function. So dial *##4636#*#*..

4.*#*#7780#*#*This code is used to delete applications only. It can also be referred to as Harsh delete Do it carefully.

5. This code can be used if you want to list to recording of your last 20 phone calls. Use *#*#8351#*#*.

6. Would you like to hide your number in all the outgoing calls please dial this code; #31#”phone number”.

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