The federal government stated on Friday that Twitter’s operations were suspended indefinitely in Nigeria.

In a declaration, information minister Lai Mohammed said that because of “the continuing use of the platform for actions capable of compromising the corporate existence of Nigeria, the government has been forced to take action.”

The sanction of the Social Media Department was still widespread and was condemned by many Nigerians, including celebrities.

With response, too, the Directive is “seriously concerned” in the microblogging website.

“The government of Nigeria is profoundly concerned by its announcement that it has ceased operations of Twitter in Nigeria,” it stated.

“We’re investigating and when we know more, we’ll provide updates.”

In the aftermath of the drama, Nigerians are concerned that their platform use can continue with the Federal Government’s prohibition or not.

The good news is that you can still utilise the platform despite the government’s suspension.

We analyse how Twitter suspension might be circumvented by the government.

Restoration VPN

Shortly after Twitter is being stopped by the federal government, there has begun to be a virtual private network (VPN).

What’s the VPN, however? It is a link which allows users to connect to a secure network utilising public networks.

It is vital to assist people protect their internet traffic and maintain their private identities online.

For example, by connecting to a secured VPN server, your internet traffic passes through an encrypted tunnel through which nobody can see anybody.

How can VPN enable you use Twitter despite the suspension by the government?

It helps to conceal your Internet Protocol (IP) address, the only number identifying you and your place in the world, from the simple description of what the VPN is.

One advantage of using VPN is that your IP address is changed. This indicates that you can use Twitter without restraint using a new IP address—which can be that of any country you want.

All that is needed to do this is to modify the VPN location of your choosing in any nation and connect it to the VPN in that nation.

You can also still access Twitter from a Nigerian IP with the government suspension because VPN is hiding your address.

How can a VPN be obtained?

It’s not hard to get a VPN. There are paid VPNs, which in spite of the government’s suspension, can ensure you smooth use of Twitter in Nigeria.

According to Comparitech, some of the best paying VPNs on Twitter are ExpressVPN, NordVPN, Surfshark, CyberGhost and IPVanish.

ProtonVPN, Hotspot Shield Free VPN, Windscribe Free, TunnelBear, Speedify and are all of the free VPNs that may be used for Twitter.

The following are the easy steps you can take to make a VPN – either paid or free – on your device:

Go to the Appstore.

Search box Type VPN

Download your chosen VPN

Open and instal the application

Change your site to any other country of your choice (for example, Germany, the United States, Russia…)

Then click on your VPN to connect

Despite the suspension in Nigeria, you can use Twitter with the above recommendations.

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