Data use refers to how much data your computer uploads or downloads over mobile data. You can track and modify your data use to ensure that your data plan is not being overused.

  1. Data Saving Mode

On Android 7.0 and higher, these steps will allow data saving mode automatically.

-Go to your phone’s Settings app.

-From the menu, choose Network & Internet.

-To continue, tap Data Use.

-From the drop-down menu, select Data Saver.

-Activate the data saver.

When data saver mode is activated, you’ll see a Data saver icon in your status bar and a notification at the top of your device’s Settings screen.

-Set a mobile data use alert or a cap.

-If you’re on a metered network, you can see how much data you’re using and put off bandwidth-intensive activities.

  1. You can also set a warning to warn you if your mobile data use exceeds a certain limit.

Follow these steps to allow a mobile data use alert:

-Follow the first four measures in the number one chart.

-Cautionary note about data.

-Please enter a numerical value. To convert between megabytes (MB) and gigabytes (GB), click the Down arrow (GB).

-Start by setting the timer.

-You’ll get an alert if your intake reaches the limit you set.

-You can set a limit to automatically turn off mobile data when your smartphone has used a certain amount of data.

Certain functions will not work if mobile data is turned off.

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