The advantages and disadvantages of smartphones. But in many ways, it’s more downsides than its advantages. And it can create many health complications if care is not taken. However, to avoid these problems, that is why I have collected errors when using our smartphones and how to cope with them.

The following are the errors that we make with smartphones.

  1. Being exposed to blue light for too long.

The blue light from the smartphone’s screen suppresses the sleep cycle hormone in the body. This blue light might affect vision, eye and headaches as well. Try to minimise your phone’s blue light brightness.

  1. Using it with a low signal.

The use of weak signal smartphones can impair your health. Try using your phone with a strong or high signal to avoid any health problems.

  1. Keeping it in contact with your skin.

If you keep your smartphone in contact with you, your skin can readily absorb heat in small quantities from your phone and may hurt your skin.

  1. 4. Sleeping with it. 

There is an electromagnetic transmitter and receiver for smartphones. And these waves are strong and can alter the brain for extended hours when exposed.

Try to disable your phone entirely or keep it while you are asleep in another room, or put it in aircraft mode.

  1. 5. Looking at the screen with bad posture.

When you turn your neck towards the screen of your phone, you stress your cervical spine and it will gradually increase.

And after a few days, your neck may feel five times the weight of your actual head. And this might lead to posture irregularities and pain in the neck. Remedy: Try to keep your phone as straight and as straight as possible.

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These are the errors that we make with our smartphones. And the aforementioned phrase and paragraphs have solved these errors.

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