Multichoice’s DSTV is a popular satellite cable TV service in Nigeria and across Africa. The service provides users in Africa with direct-to-home DTH pay TV services and boasts one of the most affordable pay TV packages in Nigeria, as well as innovative offerings such as HD channels, HD PVR decoders, and mobile streaming services such as DSTV Now and Showmax. Multichoice has launched the DSTV Compact Plus bundle for sports fans, as well as three new bouquets called DSTV Padi, DSTV Yanga, and DSTV Confam, replacing the Access and Family packages.

Places to Buy DSTV Services & Decoder

This article contains information about DSTV HD PVR, decoders, packages or bouquets, HD channels, SD channels, DSTV Mobile, and DSTV package rates.

You’ll also discover details on how to order or subscribe to DSTV via Nigerian dealers, as well as details on the Explora Decoder.

SuperSport HD 11, SuperSport HD 12, SuperSport HD 3, MNET West HD, 1Magic HD, MMET Premium HD, MNET Movies Smile HD, MNET Action+ HD, Studio Universal HD, WWE Channel HD, TLC HD, Discovery Family HD, Africa Magic Showcase HD, Discovery ID HD, and Discovery HD Showcase are among the HD channels currently available on DSTV. HD provides vivid, crisp images as well as crystal clear sound.

On DSTV, you can watch the Barclays English Premier League. So, if you want to watch all 380 matches live, you’ll have to pay for a pay-TV subscription.

To watch all SuperSport channels that broadcast the Barclays Premier League in Nigeria, however, you must subscribe to the DSTV Compact Plus package, which costs $12,400 per month.

DSTV Premium, which costs $9,900 a month, offers a package of over 150 channels. The Premium plan also includes a free Showmax streaming service subscription.

In addition, the Compact bundle includes more sports channels.

DSTV Explora Decoder

Multichioce’s DSTV Explora is the company’s most advanced decoder. It comes with a slew of features that make for a fantastic watching experience.

The Explora is an HD PVR decoder first and foremost. This means you’ll be able to see high-definition (HD) programming on HD channels. It also means that you can use the decoder to record stuff. The Explora, according to Multichoice, can record up to 220 hours of content.

However, the Explora decoder is more than just a PVR; it also has internet connection, allowing you to stream and download video from the internet.

You can use the DSTV Catchup tool to catch up on shows you may have missed, as well as other content. The DSTV BoxOffice gives you first-look access to the most recent blockbuster films.

Any of the offered movies can be rented or downloaded, and you can keep them for up to 48 hours.

The Explora decoder is now priced at 66,750 Naira with an installation kit (dish, LNB, and so on), while a few merchants on Jumia are currently selling it for between 70,000 and 95,000 Naira. Jumia’s special deals normally include a one-month subscription to the Compact, Compact Plus, or Premium packages.

Places to Buy DSTV Explora Decoder

Buy at Jumia Here


DSTV SD & HD PVR Decoders

Subscribers will need a satellite dish (along with dish gear such as LNB), a DSTV decoder (HD Zapper Decoder or Explora Decoder), a smart card, and a remote control to receive DSTV channels.

Because DSTV is a subscription-based satellite television service, all signals are encrypted. Your decoder will be able to decode encrypted digital TV signals after you pay your subscription and insert your smart card into your decoder.

DSTV has HD-ready Personal Video Recording (PVR) built-into the Explora, which may be used in conjunction with your Zapper decoder for Xtraview to allow you to simultaneously watch two channels while recording another two channels.

Subscribers can record live TV shows using the Explora, which dramatically improves the user experience. Subscribers can record up to 220 hours of content with the Explora decoder.

Imagine being able to pause live programs, perhaps while taking a call, then resume exactly where you left off with a single press of a button.

Instant replay is available on DSTV Explora decoders; simply press a button and the last 20 seconds of the program will be repeated. Rewinding and fast-forwarding live TV, as well as recording live TV programs, are further features of HD PVR decoders.

The Explora’s benefits don’t stop there; HD stands for High Definition, which means you’ll see greater details on your HDTV when watching the new HD channels.

Your HD PVR decoder gives your living room pictures that are crisper, brighter, smoother, and more colorful. Additionally, the sound quality improves.

HD PVR decoders are more expensive than standard/classic decoders, however they will improve your user experience.

DSTV has added seven high definition (HD) channels to make your HD PVR decoder more useful. Subscribers to DSTV Premium who have HD PVR decoders will be able to watch specialized HD channels.

HD channels currently available on the satellite TV service include, SuperSport HD 1, SuperSport HD 2, SuperSport HD 3, MNET West HD, 1Magic HD, MMET Premium HD, MNET Movies Smile HD, MNET Action+ HD, Studio Universal HD, WWE Channel HD, TLC HD, Discovery Family HD, and Africa Magic Showcase HD. HD provides vivid, crisp images as well as crystal clear sound.

In addition to the HD PVR decoder, you may need other hardware upgrades to experience the full power of HD. A high-definition television (HDTV) and a surround sound system are included (Home theatre).

DSTV Channels

The fact that DSTV boasts the most channels of any direct-to-home satellite TV provider in Nigeria or Africa is no longer news.

Signals from DSTV are HD channels have now been added to the mix of high-quality digital TV transmissions. News, documentaries, live sports, entertainment, and more are all available on DSTV channels.

The following are some of the most popular DSTV channels:
BBC News
1Magic HD
Africa Magic Showcase HD
SuperSport Channels (GrandStand, Football Plus, Premier League, La Liga, Football, Variety 1, Variety 2, Variety 3, Variety 4, Action, Rugby, Cricket, Golf, Tennis, Motorsport, WWE, Maximo 1, Maximo 2)
SuperSport BLITZ
E! Entertainment
Channel O
CNBC Africa
Africa Magic Showcase
Africa Magic Epic
Africa Magic Urban
Africa Magic Hausa
Africa Magic Yoruba
Africa Magic Igbo
Zee World
MNET Movies
MNET Movies 1
MNET Movies 2
MNET Movies 3
MNET Movies 4
Food Network
NTA International
National Geographic (Nat Geo)
Fox Life
WWE Channel HD
Magic World
Discovery Channel HD
Universal TV
BBC Brit
BBC Lifestyle
ITV Choice
Cartoon Network
Studio Universal HD (formally Hallmark and Universal Channels)
Sky News
Comedy Central
and so much more
Note that not all DSTV bundles will have all channels, so double-check what channels are included in your DSTV bouquet before you buy.

DSTV Packages, Bouquets, and Products

In Nigeria, DSTV currently offers six bouquets. In order of the amount of channels they offer and the prices they charge:

DSTV Yanga
DSTV Confam
DSTV Compact
DSTV Compact Plus
DSTV Premium
DSTV Access (Discontinued in 2020)
DSTV Family (Discontinued in 2020)
There was a time when DSTV Mobile (with compatible mobile devices) was a thing. However, it looks that DSTV no longer provides this service.

The DSTV Now service, which allows you to access live TV on your smartphone, appears to have taken its place.

You may also watch series and programs on your smartphone that you missed on television. To use DSTV Now (also known as the DSTV App), go to the Play Store or App Store and download the app.

You may now watch DSTV while on vacation outside of Nigeria by streaming via the DSTV App with the use of a reliable VPN.

The cheapest option, DSTV Padi, comes with the fewest channels. This is followed by the DSTV Yanga, DSTV Confam, DSTV Compact, and DSTV Compact Plus bouquets in that order. Padi/Yanga and Confam have taken the place of DSTV Access and Family, respectively.

The Premium bundle has the most channels and is the most expensive, costing 9,900 Naira per month. The premium bundle also includes a free subscription to the Showmax streaming service, which is owned by DSTV.

All Compact channels are included in the Compact Plus package, as well as more sports channels. It is positioned in the middle of the Compact and Premium packages.

DSTV also offers non-English speaking viewers customized bouquets. This could involve the following:

Bouquets from India
Bouquets de France
Bouquets from Germany

DSTV Packages and Bouquets Prices

The Padi package is a low-cost cable option.

  1. DSTV Yanga ($2,565 a month): The Yanga bouquet resembles the now-defunct Access bundle, but it includes more than 87 channels, mostly local and foreign TV channels, as well as 11 audio channels. Africa Magic Epic, ROK2, ROK GH, SuperSports Football, RealTime, MTV Base, and EL are among the new channels added to Yanga’s Access channel lineup.

All of the major Access channels, such as BBC World, Telemundo, MNET Movies Zone, Fox Life, ROK3, Zee World, Africa Magic Family, Discovery Family HD, NatGeo Wild, AIT, SilverBird, Channels, NTA I, SuperSport BLITZ, Al Jazeera, Mindset Learn, E! Entertainment, Jim Jam, Disney Junior, Africa Magic (World, Hausa & Yoruba only), and so on, are available.

  1. DSTV Confam ($4,615 a month): The Confam bouquet resembles DSTV Family in appearance, but it includes over 108 channels, mostly local and international TV networks, as well as 11 audio channels.

CNN, ESPN, MNET City, Universal Channel, Fox, Africa Magic Epic, ROK2, BBC Lifstyle, Food Network, Boomerang, MTV Base, and Cartoon Network are included in the Access package.

DSTV Confam adds channels such as SuperSports La Liga, SuperSports Variety 3 HD, SuperSport Variety 4 HD, ESPN, CNN, Fox, Universal Channel, Da Vinci, CBS Reality, MNET City, BET, TNT Africa, Star Life, BBC Lifstyle, Food Network, SuperSport HD 7, SuperSport 8 HD, Boomerang, Cbeebies, Cartoon Network, SuperSport HD 7, SuperSport 8 HD, Boomerang, Cbeebies, Cartoon Network, SuperSport

  1. DSTV Compact (7,900 per month): DSTV Compact includes all Confam channels as well as other features. MNET Movies 4, KIX HD, Studio Universal HD, VUZU, BBC Brit, BET, MTV, TNT Africa, Africa Magic Urban, ROK, National Geographic, Discovery ID HD, SuperSport Premier League HD, SuperSport Variety 2 HD, WWE Channel HD, Disney, Disney XD, Trace Mziki, Sky News, Ebony Life TV, and other channels have been added to the Compact package, totaling over 146 channels and 53 audio channels.

The Compact bouquet is an excellent alternative if you require more Exciting channels. In addition, HD channels are not included in this plan.

This is often the starter bundle that comes with your first DSTV subscription. For 9,900 Naira, you get it for free for a month, together with a decoder, remote, dish, and dish kit.

After the first package, you can always upgrade or downgrade based on your financial situation.

  1. DSTV Compact Plus (12,400 per month): DSTV Compact Plus has all of the channels seen on DSTV Compact, as well as additional sports channels. SuperSport Football Plus HD, SuperSport Variety 1 HD, SuperSport Action HD, and ESPN 2 HD are among the new sports networks.

Its goal is to provide sports fans in Nigeria and across Africa with access to premier sports at a lower cost than the Premium package allows.

Subscribers to the bouquet will be able to watch EPL, Champions League, and other live sports like as rugby, golf, tennis, athletics, boxing, and motorsport, as well as the French League, Bundesliga, PSL, and Spanish La Liga.

However, when compared to the Compact Plus package, the Compact Plus package includes more than just sports channels.

Africa Magic Showcase, MNET Movies 3 HD, CBS Justice, Discovery Channel HD, Lifetime Entertainment, Crime and Investigation Network, History Channel, and CGTN News are among the extra channels.

If watching sports, particularly football, is your only reason for subscribing to the Premium bouquet, Compact Plus is a better option. There are 161 TV channels and 53 audio channels to choose from.

  1. DSTV Premium (18,400 per month): The DSTV Premium package is the top-tier option, with all DSTV video and audio channels included. The Premium bundle, according to our recent check, has over 174 fascinating channels and 53 audio channels.

MNET HD, MNET Movies 1 HD, MNET Movies 2 HD, Comedy Central, TLC Entertainment, CNC World, all HD channels, and so on are all exclusive to the Premium package.

Despite the fact that Compact Plus is centered on sports, not all sports channels are included in the package. You’ll need to subscribe to the Premium plan to enjoy all of the sports channels.

SuperSport GrandStand HD, SuperSport Rugby, SuperSport Cricket, SuperSport Golf, SuperSport Tennis HD, and SuperSport MotorSport HD are all exclusive to the Premium package. The Premium bundle is for those who demand the very best.

If you wish to receive HD channels, you’ll need to upgrade to the Premium subscription, as HD channels are presently only available with the Premium package.

The premium subscription is your best bet if you also want to view 100% of English Premier League matches. If you have an HD PVR decoder or an Explora Decoder, you will be able to enjoy the Premier League’s 24-hour full HD content service.

You may watch movies and series on Showmax for free if you subscribe to the premium plan. At the moment, Showmax costs 2,900 Naira per month.

  1. DSTV Access (2,000 per month) [Discontinued]: The DSTV Access bouquet includes over 90 channels, mostly local and international TV channels, such as BBC World, Telemundo, MNET Movies Zone, Fox Life, ROK3, Zee World, Africa Magic Family, Discovery Family HD, NatGeo Wild, AIT, SilverBird, Channels, NTA I, SuperSport BLITZ, SuperSport 9, SuperSport 10, Al jezeera, Mindset Learn,

The last time we looked, CNN, most MNET channels, and most SuperSport networks were not included in this package. Audio channels are now available on the Access plan.

The Access package is a low-cost cable option.

  1. DSTV Family (4,000 per month) [Discontinued]: DSTV Family is likely to be the most popular DSTV plan since it provides a good selection of TV channels at a good price. All Access channels and more are included in the Family bundle.

CNN, ESPN Classic, MNET City, Universal Channel, Fox, Africa Magic Epic, ROK2, BBC Lifstyle, Food Network, SuperSport HD 7, SuperSport 8 HD, Boomerang, MTV Base, Cartoon Network, and more channels have been added to the Family package, totaling over 100 channels. has more information on DSTV services in Nigeria.

Multichoice reserves the right to change the channels included in any bundle at any moment, so always double-check what’s included in the plan you want to buy or subscribe to before paying.

Installation, Usage, and Subscription Issues with DSTV
Here are some things you should know about DSTV.

Installation of DSTV
DSTV installation may be provided for free or at a cost. Depending on the scope of the installation, it should cost between 3,000 and 10,000 Naira.

DSTV is currently available for 9,900 Naira. This includes the cost of the decoder, dish, dish kit (installation kit), remote, and a one-month complimentary compact package subscription.

DSTV’s Free Channels
When your DSTV membership ends, you will receive one free channel. NTA 2 is, nonetheless, a local free-to-air channel.

You won’t be able to receive fascinating TV channels after your subscription ends. Some channels may be available for free for a few hours at first, but after that, all DSTV channels, with the exception of NTA 2, will be unavailable unless you pay your membership.

To avoid losing your watching, make your payment two days before the due date at any shop.

If you pay on time, your subscription will be automatically renewed. You can also renew your subscription with QuickTeller, OPay, JumiaPay, and other online payment services.

DSTV Subscription Payment
You can pay for your DSTV membership at any pay TV outlet near you. You can also make a payment at one of the approved banks. You will not need to visit your bank if you use your bank’s internet banking or mobile banking service to make a payment to DSTV from your home or office.

You can also pay online in Nigeria with services such as JumiaPay, QuickTeller, OPay, and others. Make your payment two days before your payment due date to avoid losing your watching.

DSTV currently has a large number of high definition (HD) channels to make your HD decoder more useful.

SuperSport HD 5, SuperSport HD 2, SuperSport HD 3, MNET Africa HD, MMET Movies Premiere, 1Magic HD, and Discovery HD are some of the HD channels now accessible on DSTV. HD provides vivid, crisp images as well as crystal clear sound.

In addition to the HD decoder or Explora decoder, some hardware upgrades are required to fully appreciate the power of HD. This includes a high-definition television and a surround sound system.

MultiChoice’s DSTV service is a digital satellite television service available in Nigeria and across Africa. Nigeria, Ghana, South Africa, Namibia, Kenya, Madagascar, Cameroon, Gambia, Liberia, and dozens of other African countries have official DSTV signals.

Now is the time to subscribe to DSTV in Nigeria by sending a WhatsApp message to +234 908 236 8533.

Visit the DSTV Africa website at to learn more about DSTV in any African country. You can choose your nation from the drop-down menu to see information particular to that country.

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