In an interview at IIT Delhi, Venkatachalam says that three deceptions are behind the rise of Indian Institute of Technology. One is that there are more students from outside India applying to IITs than those from inside. The second is that the salaries offered by IITs are much higher than the salaries in most other institutes. The third is that IITs have a zero tolerance policy towards disruptive innovation and technology.

Tech News reports that the most recent addition to the IIT curriculum is the neuroscience department. A neurosurgeon from Singapore has joined this department, which will be led by Dr Subir Ghosh. Another brainchild of this director is Vikram Phadnis, formerly a research Analyst from SIDR, Ltd., the venture capital arm of Indian conglomerate Reliance. He is the co-founder of Metaio, which is an artificial intelligence company. This is another example of a graduate from outside India joining an Indian institute to head up one of the few big companies in India dedicated to creating artificial intelligent software.

Another hot topic in the Indian tech scene is the growing popularity of smart phones like the Android ecosystem and the Apple iPhone. This has prompted a number of startups in the mobile industry, most notably OTT (such as Google Android, Apple iOS) and B2B (such as Amazon) ones. Among these, the hot ticket item is television and apps related to television. As reported in tech news, iTV launched by Google last year managed to create a frenzy among the audience and the techies. Not just television, the app space is also expanding with all sorts of tech gadgets being added to existing television sets. This is in addition to the growing popularity of cable TV and the internet and computers.

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According to tech news apps, Samsung is working on an interface for a television set that can also be used with its new line of mobile phones. This would mean that users will have two platforms to work upon – the traditional TV and the new phone interface. Also, the Korea Times reports that Samsung plans to integrate its mobile service provider, SK Telecom, with its television service provider, LG. This is a very big deal considering that Samsung is already one of the biggest players in the mobile world. Apart from this, LG is also said to be working on similar technology.

But it seems that the biggest innovation is yet to come – Apple’s rumored iPad. This is almost certainly going to be the biggest tech gadget that we’ve ever seen since the first iPod and its crazy revolutionized the music industry. The iPad is said to have several groundbreaking features, including the ability to surf the internet using Wi-Fi, displaying movie ratings in real time, and offering games. It also has the capability of offering 3D graphics.

If the rumors are true, then we can expect a very exciting future where we get updates on the latest news apps and gadgets right on our mobile devices. Who knows, you might start buying your favorite brands from your mobile phone. It may sound ridiculous, but think about it – you’ll always have the most current information at your fingertips, and probably more! So if you’re stuck between buying a new phone or staying up to date with the latest news, get tech news apps for your Samsung Android phone today! Or for any other Android phone model, for that matter. You’ll never regret it.

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