How to Add Playlist to iPhone


Do you love music?

So do we and a whole bunch of other people out there because it can lift the mood especially when one needs it most.

As such, it does not come as a surprise if you’re wondering how to add playlist to iPhone.

How to Add Playlist to iPhone

New songs are also being released by the day which means there is always a constant supply of your soul food.

While there may be so many, it might also be necessary to filter the good ones from the bad ones and save yourself the time and energy of having to skip or delete them.

For this reason and many more, we’ve outlined the simple steps on how to sync a playlist from iPhone to iTunes and also transfer a playlist from iTunes to your iPhone.

Remember, the iPhone is Apple’s smartphone running on its iOS operating system and the same can be said about iTunes which is used by people whose devices are iPhones, Mac, etc. from the U.S. based company.

What is a Playlist?

A playlist is a folder where you can place selected songs in order to listen to only these selections or share them with your friends and family later on.

Instead of selecting one song to your iPhone to be played at each time, all your favorite songs can be in one place.

It saves you the time and energy required to sort through hundreds of songs.

Another benefit of a playlist is that you can import them from a different source instead of creating these folders from your own device.

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The idea here is to have your favorites with you anywhere you go and make them easily shareable with others.

How to Create Playlists on iPhone

So, to create playlists on the iPhone, do the following:

  • In the music app, click on ‘Library’
  • Select ‘Playlists’
  • Select ‘New Playlist’
  • Enter the name of the new list and its description
  • Choose a photo or take a picture which should be used as the playlist’s cover
  • Click on ‘Add music’
  • Select the individual songs you’ll like to form a playlist with and add them to the newly created folder.

Once your list has been created, you can also click on the ‘Now Playing’ screen or a track list and then select ‘Add to a Playlist’

There’s also the option to settle for the existing playlists or create another one.

Edit a Playlist You Created on iPhone

You can edit a playlist you have already created on your iPhone either by adding more songs, deleting a song, or changing the order of the song.

In order to add more songs to a playlist, do the following:

  • Click on playlist
  • Select ‘Edit’
  • You can add a song by clicking on ‘Add Music’ 
  • Select music from the library

To delete a song from a playlist, do the following:

  • Click on playlist
  • Select ‘Edit’
  • Click on ‘Delete’ and the song will be removed from the playlist but will still be in the iPhone.
  • Select music from the library

On the other hand, if you made changes to your music library, you need to be informed that the changes will cut across other iOS devices you use especially in the iCloud Music Library is enabled.

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How to Transfer Playlist from iTunes to iPhone

Have you been wondering, how do I transfer a playlist from iTunes to my iPhone?

Then you’re not alone.

Whether its an iPhone, iPad, or iPod, the same question cuts across different users because let’s face it, great cameras, sleek design, and enhanced security are not always enough.

There’s also the need to get the most of the iPhone’s sound system and it begins with knowing how to transfer a playlist from iTunes to my iPhone without syncing. 

Here are the steps that can help you achieve this feat:

  • With the use of a USB Cable, connect your iPhone to your computer and launch iTunes
  • Select ‘Music’ from the left panel
  • Ensure that the option ‘sync music’ box has been ticked
  • Select the playlist you want to move
  • Click on ‘sync’ and it will be copied to your phone

You can also carry out other operations such as edit, delete, import, etc from the iTunes.

Let’s take copying a playlist, for instance, it will be greatly determined by the version of iTunes you are using.

In order to copy a playlist from iTunes to phone or iPad, try the following:

The usual way of moving playlist to an iOS requires that you have turned on “Manually manage music and videos” 

To do this:

  • Use a USB to connect your iPhone to a computer
  • Select your device from the iTunes starting screen
  • Click on ‘Summary’
  • Enable the ‘Manually manage music and videos’ option
  • Click on ‘Done’
  • Select ‘Apply changes’

If you’re using the iTunes 12, follow these steps:

  • Pair your iOS device via USB to a computer 
  • Click on your device’s icon at the upper left corner of the screen
  • Click in ‘Music‘ on the left pane
  • Check if the ‘Sync Music’ checkbox has been ticked
  • Peruse through the ‘Playlists‘ section and ascertain which playlists you’ll like to pair to your device.
  • Finally, click on ‘Sync’ and your files will be moved
How to Add Playlist to iPhone


These are the simple steps on how to add playlist to iPhone and they are as easy as they can be.

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If you can do this successfully, then your favorite songs can be with you at every moment irrespective of the device it is stored on.

All that is required, is a sync between the iPhone and iTunes or sync between Apple devices to get you started.

If that’s what you want, best get started with it.

On the contrary, if you’re facing issues moving your playlists between either device, refer to this video below.


Written by – Sunny slim Idiah of @iwonpopular

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