When you buy something in the market and later discover it’s a fake when you get home, it can be a painful situation. You must be aware of the “what you ordered versus what you got” trend on social media these days, which occurs mostly in clothing and outfits, but mobile phones cannot be overlooked.

Buying and selling phones is nothing new nowadays, but unfortunately for some people, they have become victims of this trend. The main reason that some people become victims of fake phones is a lack of awareness and knowledge about the subject.
If you want to easily identify or spot a fake phone in the market, you must first understand how these phones are packaged to look like the genuine article.

These steps will teach you how to identify a fake mobile phone at any time.

  1. The obvious operating system switch

OS is an abbreviation for operating system in mobile phones. It happens nowadays when you see a phone with an operating system that is completely different from what the phone is supposed to have. Consider an iPhone with an Android operating system and the Google Play store; this is a bogus phone.

  1. The Specifications

Many fake phones are designed to look like the real thing, but the specifications reveal the truth. You must be familiar with the specifications of any phone you intend to purchase. Unfortunately, some of these counterfeit mobile phones have false specifications that can mislead and deceive anyone.

Thankfully, softwares such as CPU-Z can assist you in identifying the specifications of any brand, which can indicate the authenticity of any phone.

  1. The IMEI number

The IMEI is a serial number that is found on every mobile phone. It is a good way to determine the authenticity of a phone using the methods listed above. Any phone’s IMEI can be easily checked in the settings, through the phone’s accessories, or by dialling *#06# and following the prompts.

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