Quick everyone enjoys watching videos online, and sometimes people watch videos and enjoy them, but don’t know how to download them to their phones. One of the most common video streaming app is Google’s ‘YouTube,’ which they acquired in 2006. It contains numerous contents of different types and most brands have accessed pages where they produce content for their subscribers to view.

Saving videos from YouTube can mean two different things to the user, since you can save a video in the YouTube app, so that you can also display it offline or out of data, and save the video into your phone from your normal media player or gallery.

The first is very direct because you only have to click on the ‘Donwload’ button, which typically appears when looking at a video on the app. When you press the button, a window will pop up asking you to pick the desired resolution and see the different sizes of the video.

You can download the video in the YouTube app after you have selected either of your desired resolution and return to the application at any time you want to view the video, whether you have mobile data or not.

You will just have to visit your application’s ‘Library’ tab and watch your videos saved.

On the other hand, if you want to download the video to your mobile phone, you can do this for many apps, but people don’t want to use such software, for personal reasons.

Follow this method to import your videos directly to your mobile phone, but the video must be opened in the app or in your Web browser before starting.

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You can copy the link to any web browser that you want by pressing ‘Share’ and then copy the link if you have opened the video in your application.

When you’ve inserted the link into your browser’s address bar and clicked to open the video, go back to the address bar and make a minor adjustment to the link.

The two letter ‘ss’ prefix is required to be put on the connection just before the word ‘Youtube’ and will take you to a website where you can download your video to your computer.

After you press ‘Open,’ your video will be downloaded and accessed from your computer, you will need to view and watch your ‘YouTube’ program.

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