Technology has proving to be reliable and efficient. Technology is now the backbone of human endeavors. Some years back, China and the USA introduced a robot that has the ability to behave like humans. The robot speaks and behaves exactly like humans. Banks, organizations now make use of technology. As you can see for yourself, that you can easily listen to anyone’s call via your own phone. That means, you can be in China and listens to anyone’s call easily. 

This process is mostly used by security agents, cheating partners, and colleagues. So in this article, I am going to show you how you can easily listen to anyone’s calls via your own phone.

However, the process is broken down into two methods, the first method doesn’t require any use of any app, all that is been required is your android phone and possibly airtime while the second method requires the use of an app


1. An android phone

2. An airtime

3. The person you want to spy on phone number 

How To Listen to someone else Phone Calls on Your Phone.


1. Pick up your android phone

2. On your dial pad, dial *61* the person’s number and #. For instance dial *61*08067587968#

3. After dialing the number, then quickly click send

After that, kindly wait and you will see call forwarding. This signifies that you can easily listen to your partners phone calls easily.

4. To cancel the above process, dial #61#


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