Every one in the 21st century has a smart phones at hand and there is not a day one cant go by without using a smart phone to connect in todays daily work .

Some smart phone users find time to play games with their phones, while some have to work with their smartphones

In this post is to show prove to smart phone enthusiasts how they can make your phone battery stronger than before without using any equipments .It is very easy to use and can be done in less than five minutes

It works for every phones including the phone with non removable battery ,just follow the steps below properly in order to get a good outcome

Step 1
Switch on your phone and Charge the phone &100 with the phones charger, that is, if the phone is tecno then you have to use tecno charger only. After that switch on the phone

Using different chargers can destroy your phone battery or make it weak ,so always use one permanent charger for your phone

Step 2
Go to the phone settings and turn of the Wi-Fi, hot-spot, data connection and turn on airplane mode, clean all your browser’s cache and reboot the phone

Step 3
Switch off the airplane mode and start enjoying your phone

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