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How to read messages on WhatsApp without letting the sender know


Yes, we live in a world where texting trumps calling. However, there are occasions when you can’t text or call, but you can’t toss your phone away either. During these moments, you can read the WhatsApp message without informing the sender, allowing you to take your time responding to them without them suspecting you have read but not responded to their messages. Turning off read receipts or blue ticks is an easy way to achieve this, but this is a two-way street, and you won’t be able to estimate if the other person has read your WhatsApp message or not.
It’s simple to turn off read receipts or disable blue ticks on WhatsApp. Go to WhatsApp to turn off read receipts. Swipe left to turn off read receipts in Accounts > Privacy.

If you’re the curious type who wants to know who seen-zoned you and plunged into eternal misery, but don’t want others to know you read their WhatsApp messages, try this trick: put your phone in Airplane mode before opening a WhatsApp message, and when you’re done, it will be marked as unread even if you turn it off.

Turning off your last seen is another tactic you may use to hide your presence on WhatsApp. Select Privacy from the drop-down menu under Settings > Account. You can change the settings to disable last seen for all contacts or just your contacts.

You can also label a WhatsApp message as “unread” if you see it but don’t read it right away, so you remember to read it and respond later. To mark a message as unread, tap and hold it, then pick Mark as unread from the menu. The sender will be notified that the message has been read, but you will be informed that you did not read it by a blue or green dot.

In related news, WhatsApp is developing a feature that will allow users to move their chat history from iOS to Android. Until today, conversation history could only be transferred from one Android device to another and from one iOS device to another. WhatsApp is still testing the feature and hasn’t made it public.

Google has also released a Data Restore Tool app to the Play Store, which allows users to keep their previous device’s content while setting up their new devices. While setting up a device, the Data Restore Tool allows users to transfer apps, images, and contacts through a cable or cloud backup. The current version of the app on Google Play is 1.0.382048734, which may allow users to copy their WhatsApp chats and history from an iPhone to an Android phone.


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