You’ve undoubtedly connected to hundreds of Wi-Fi networks over the course of owning your Android smartphone. Any time you type in one of these Wi-Fi codes, your Android device saves it for safekeeping and easy access in the future. School, home, work, the gym, the homes of your friends and family, coffee shops.

The problem occurs when you really want to see the password for one of the networks to which you are linked. You might want to connect a second laptop to a Wi-Fi access point that has been saved, or you might be with a friend who wants to log in to the same hotspot. But you’re out of luck without a means of accessing the actual passwords that your computer has stored.

There are avenues around this, luckily. You can see the Wi-Fi passwords right from the settings of your phone if you’re on Android 10 or higher. If you’re on Android 9.0 Pie or lower, however, mind that you’re going to have to be rooted.

Methods 1

Android 10 & Up Up

This first technique does not require a root or even an additional app. But it does enable you to run Android 10 or higher on your computer. I’ll outline a fast and easy way to see saved Wi-Fi passwords below if your phone has been upgraded to this version. You can skip forward to Method 2 if not.

Phase 1–Step 1

Locate Settings for Wi-Fi

Currently, there is only one Android 10 flavor, and that is directly from Google, the “Stock Android” edition. However, by applying an OEM skin such as One UI, manufacturers like Samsung will put their own spin on Android 10 in the near future, which means the settings menus on your phone could be a little different.

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So first, check the Settings menu of your phone for the “Wi-Fi” submenu. This can be found in Settings-> Network & Internet on Stock Android. Once the Wi-Fi settings menu is located, go ahead and pick it.

Phase 2 — Step 2

Wi-Fi Passwords View

Scroll past the list of available networks on the Wi-Fi settings page and select the “Saved networks” option. You’ll see a list of all the Wi-Fi networks your phone remembers from there. Choose one.

Now, at the top of the screen, choose the ‘Share’ option. Your fingerprint or face will be checked or you will be asked to enter your PIN or password. Upon doing so, you can see a QR code that reflects the SSID and password of the network. If you chose, you could search this with another computer using a QR scanner, but the password is also described under the QR code in plain text, so you can copy it from there.

Method 2 Method

Android 9 & Bottom (Root Required)

The only way to display saved Wi-Fi passwords is with a root app if your phone is running Android 9.0 Pie or below. If you’ve installed TWRP and used that to install Magisk for root, this will work best.

Phase 1–Step 1

Install Password Viewer WiFi

There are several apps that claim to be able to display your Wi-Fi passwords in the Play Store, but SimoneDev’s WiFi Password Viewer was the only one I found to function on all of our devices.

Phase 2 — Step 2

View Wi-Fi Passwords Saved

The app will ask for Superuser access when you first open the WiFi Password Viewer. In the popup, press ‘Grant’ and you will be taken to a list containing all the Wi-Fi networks you’ve ever linked to, where each entry displays a password below it.

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If, over the course of owning your Android device, you have linked to several different Wi-Fi networks, your list will be very long. If that is the case, by using the search button in the top-right corner, you can search for a specific Wi-Fi network.

Phase 3 — Step 3

Share Saved Passwords for Wi-Fi

You have a few choices if you need to share one of those passwords with another device. Start by tapping any list entry, then a small menu pops up. You can either tap “Copy password” from here to copy the password for that network to your clipboard, making it easy to paste into your favorite text app and send it to the other computer. Or, you might skip a move and tap ‘Share,’ then from the menu that appears to submit the password, pick your favorite texting app.

Finally, to make the app generate a QR code containing the network data, you could also tap ‘QR’. You can simply open the camera app if the other device is a Pixel or iPhone, point it to the QR code, then tap the popup prompt to connect it to the Wi-Fi network automatically.

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