In this case, you type the intended message, but when you press the send button, it says ‘Waiting for Network.’ As a result, you must remember to send the message when the network reconnects, but you might not always remember to do so.

Whatsapp’s developers have come up with a solution to this problem. You can now send Whatsapp messages even if you are not connected to the internet.

Here’s how to go about it:

  1. Switch on Airplane Mode.

I recommend turning off your data link and activating aeroplane mode as soon as you find a lack of signal on your connection.

  1. Go to Whatsapp and sign up.

The following move is to launch the Watsapp application. Before you open Watsapp, make sure the data link is turned off and aeroplane mode is turned on.

  1. Type the message you want to send.

You must write the message you want to send in this step. I recommend that you summarise the post.

  1. Press the ‘Send’ button to send the message.

After you’ve finished writing your post, press the Send button. The message will not attempt to submit because you are using aeroplane mode.

  1. Exit Whatsapp

The next move is to close the app after typing and submitting the intended message. Make sure you don’t open the app until you’ve completed all of the steps.

  1. Switch off Airplane Mode and connect to the internet.

The aeroplane mode must be turned off for this move. Deactivate aeroplane mode and connect to the internet right away. The link will most likely remain sluggish, but Watsapp has you covered.

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The message is sent as soon as you unlock the data link, but you haven’t been online yet ( the app was not open).

You may repeat the steps above to send more messages.

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