Hello, all of us.

I have learned something recently and it is a way that I use now, therefore I’m sharing it now with all of you.

I’ll show you all how you can share information with someone without wireless or hotspot connections.

Below you’ll find steps for others

Write *777# first

You’ll see a menu like this underneath.

Choose the number 1 to buy data to the right.

Again, as below, another menu will display 4, which is the data share plan.

Then you’ll see a different menu like this one

Share or distribute Choose one sharing.

It shows you a different menu

Which means: Input the number of the subscriber. It indicates that you must enter the person with whom you would like to share your data.

Like that, input the number of people, wait for a reply.

They will notify you that your data sharing request has been sent, that you wait and that you can share information or share personal information with you.

You can utilise your data even from miles as far away as the person has data if you want to share the data with you instead, just follow the same method, but make sure to enter your number via your own phone.

Please do not accept that if you do not unshare, the person will continue to utilise you

Also, it can be achieved only by means of a glo network, the individual must use a glo sim and you must use a glo sim.

If the information was helpful and plz would share it with others so that they may learn about them, please comment below.

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