Has the thought of ‘how do I sync notes from iPhone to Mac without iCloud’ ever crossed your mind?

If it has, then you’re not alone.

Each day, a number of people are battling with the problem of notes not syncing between Mac and iPhone and that can easily be resolved.

Let’s face it, notes are very important given that they focus on the most memorable moments of your life.

If yours isn’t to that extent, then it could be the basic to-do list which is just as useful.

It’s even better if you can ship them off your iPhone Notes app to your computer and vice versa for easier and wider access.

The big idea is to be able to sort through them easily in comparison to having to use a smaller screen on the iPhone.

What You Should Know Before Syncing Notes

Before you head on to sync note between your iPhone and Mac, you should be informed on where the notes are stored in the first place.

They are either stored on:

  • iPhone
  • iCloud
  • An email account not synced to iPhone

In the case of email, services like Yahoo, Gmail, etc, do not only synchronize your emails, they also sync notes, calendars, and contacts on your iPhone.

How to Determine Where Your Notes Are Stored

Now that you know the potential places you notes could be, you can tell for sure which region is storing it.

All you have to do is:

  • Open the iPhone Notes app
  • Tap the yellow back arrow severally
How to Sync Notes from iPhone to Mac
  • You’ll be directed to a ‘Folders’ page and the list of accounts holding your notes will be outlined underneath it
  • Proceed to click on the account listed there and identify which one is storing your notes.
  • If it’s iCloud, then you’ll need to set up iCloud as well on your Mac
  • If it’s Email, all it’ll take is to access a Gmail account from PC
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How Do I Sync Notes from iPhone to Computer?

Here are the simple steps on how to sync notes from iPhone to a computer running on the Mac OS with and without iCloud.

1. iCloud:

The first method to sync your notes between an iPhone and Mac is to export the notes your iPhone to iCloud.

iCloud gives each user 5GB free storage space which is large enough to hold several notes.

Thus, once you’ve exported all your notes to iCloud, you can access it on other devices which are linked by your Apple ID.

Keep in mind that the transferred notes will be held in iCloud and new notes created will not be stored there.

In order to enable iCloud storage:

  • Navigate to Settings on your iPhone
  • Select your name
  • Click on iCloud
  • Enter your Apple ID and sign in
How to Sync Notes from iPhone to Mac
  • Toggle On the Notes function and the notes will be uploaded to iCloud
How to Sync Notes from iPhone to Mac
  • You can then sign in to iCloud using the same Apple ID in order to access your notes

The steps below will enable you to set up iCloud on Mac:

  • Access ‘System Preferences’ on your Mac
  • Click on ‘iCloud’
  • Enter your Apple ID
  • Tick the checkbox ‘Use iCloud for mail, contacts, calendars, reminders, notes and Safari’
  • Finally, click on ‘Next’

To set up iCloud for Windows, do this:

Access Apple’s website and download iCloud for Windows.

You can then turn on Notes, Mail, Contacts, among other options for them to be synced to your computer.

You’ll be able to access these notes in an email program in a folder that has been labeled ‘Notes’

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2.  Email / Message:

If you’re not big on transferring all the notes you have but a selected few, you can opt to email them instead.

There’s also the option to share notes on WhatsApp, Messenger, Airdrop, and other platforms.

The downside is that you’ll only be able to send a note at a time which can be time tasking compared to the multi-sending feature of the iCloud.

Nonetheless, it’s faster and easier to do so.

Follow these steps to begin:

  • Launch the iPhone’s Notes app
  • Navigate to the Note you wish to transfer
  • Click on the Share Icon located at the top-right corner of the screen
  • Choose the sending medium
  • Proceed to send
How to Sync Notes from iPhone to Mac

3. TouchCopy:

In order to transfer notes from iPhone to Mac/windows without iCloud, you may have to rely on an application such as TouchCopy.

The app can efficiently enable you to transfer notes between either device quickly and easily.

Thus, there is no need to sync to iCloud first before data is transmitted to your Mac or Windows computer.

It’s also worthy to note that you can view the notes on your computer, copy them as PDF, HTML, or plain text, or even print them.

To use the TouchCopy app, do the following:

  • Launch the TouchCopy app
  • Connect it to your iPhone
  • Click on ‘Notes’
  • Choose the Notes you want to move
  • Click on ‘Copy Notes’ (In the case of Windows) or ‘Copy to Mac’
  • Choose a location to save to on your PC
  • Finally, select ‘Copy’


Now, you too will agree that the processes involved in how to sync notes from iPhone to Mac are a breeze.

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You’re not only limited to just one method since there are several others to fall back on.

Your choice, in the end, will be dependent on which can offer you greater speed and send more notes as you require.

It’s worthy to note that they can handle your transfer needs seamlessly and as such, your notes can be closer to you wherever you want.

Here’s a video that takes it further to explain these steps:

Written by – Sunny slim Idiah

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