Sometimes we do not like our data or the airtime we purchase, because the telephone network is slow either because of the location in which we live, or because of the mobile or smartphone nature.

In this article, you guys explain how to upgrade your phone network to browse faster and faster, you don’t need any play shop software or programming; all you need is a number of codes and I’ll drop it down below with steps for how to use it.

Here’s how to upgrade the network:

1.Go to your phone and give this code ##4636##, making sure that no number or character will be missed if it doesn’t work.

2.This particular instruction appears on your phone screen after dailing the aforementioned code.
3.Choose the telephone information, then.

4.After showing certain crucial details regarding your phone, I did not show them it was only for the telephone owner.
5.You’ll see so many things, just walk down and see “select the favourite type of network.”

6.When you open a network list, you can choose the best one for you (3G/4G or 2G/3G and 4G) and then watch your system surf for you faster. Later, you can thank me.

NB: This doesn’t work for all phones, but work on most phones.

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