Spotify Users can now upload a custom playlist image on Spotify, as a new feature being added by the platform. According to the brand, this was one of the “highly requested” features, that was readily available on Windows and Mac but not iOS and Android.

The most interesting part is, you certainly don’t need to be a premium subscriber to use this new feature. Apart from the above image feature, Spotify now also users to add a description to the playlist and bring back all the amazing moments you spent on the road trip.

Below is how you can upload a custom image to a  playlist on Spotify:

1. Find the playlists that you have created

You can locate your playlists by navigating over to Your Library from the bottom tab of your mobile phone.

2. Tap into the playlist you want to add a custom image to.

3. Next, find and click on the three-dot icon in the top right corner of your mobile phone to bring up the menu list.

4. Tap on the edit option next.

5. You will see “Change image”, tap on it.

6. Pick the image you want from your phone gallery or you can just take a new picture instantly.

7. Nxt, you need to change the title of the images or you can simply change the description.

8. Finally, tap on “Done!”

You should have your desired image as the custom image of your Spotify playlist. It is that easy and simple.

Other Features

• Search by lyrics

Spotify also recently added a Search By Lyrics Feature To Its Android And iOS App. This feature simply allows users to search for their desired songs by typing in a few lyrics of the song which they know.

• Trim Silence

Additionally, a Twitter user and Jane Manchun Wong who is a reverse engineer were the first to find out that the platform is also working on a feature known as “Trim Silence”. I’m sure you must be wondering what this feature does? Well, it simply allows users to skip all the silent parts of podcasts. The silence can most times be annoying, hence the need for a way to skip it. And Spotify is sire working on it, in no time we’d be able to skip bits of our favorite podcasts.

• Shared Screenshot

The new shared screenshot feature implies that users will be able to toggle it on or off. For is a great feature for users who would love to share every moment with others on the platform.

• Local music playback

Spotify is also creating a feature for local music playback support, mainly on Android. What this means is users will be able to play music stored in their internal storage. However, it is not yet known to us if this feature will be for premium users or not.


What do you think about the custom playlist image feature and the trim silence feature? Am sure you’d find them to be very interesting to use. If you are a fan of Spotify I’m sure you pretty much will enjoy them. Cheers!

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