Samsung, the biggest smartphone maker in the world by market share, introduced a similar feature on its Galaxy S10 phone back in February 2019. The iPhone 11 vs. Samsung’s S10 is virtually too close to name, but after laying the iPhone 11 Pro through its strides to see how it stacks up to the Galaxy S10, one phone outperforms the other.

Here’s how the iPhone 11 Pro and Galaxy S10 compete against one another.


The 11 Pro’s camera has a spontaneous Night Mode for better low-light shots, shoots 4K video, and later last year will be able to create the best reasonable photo using machine learning, or what Apple calls “Deep Fusion”, by seaming together nine images into one.

The Galaxy S10 takes strong photos with its triad of lenses. Its 10MP front-facing lens also takes good selfies, though the placement of the camera is a bit awkward. 

Based on their specifications, it sounds like the iPhone 11 Pro could give the Galaxy S10 some serious competition, but there’s no way to know without comparing their performance side-by-side.


Samsung took off fierce with the Galaxy S10, designing what the company calls an “Infinity-O display”: a broad, colour drive, exceptionally high-res (3040 x 1440), almost bezel-free screen. Samsung’s remedy for the front-facing camera is a cut-out branded directly in the OLED panel, which isn’t the most sophisticated solution, but leaves more room than the iPhone 11 Pro enables for videos, photos, games and web-browsing.

   While the displays on Samsung’s phones are usually vibrant and full of bold colour, I sometimes found that characters generally look more realistic on the iPhone. It’s impossible to tell which phone offers a better viewing experience without spending a significant amount of time with each of them, however.

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While the Galaxy S10 only comes in two (128 GB, 512GB), the iPhone 11 Pro races in three storage choices (64GB, 256GB, and 512GB). The hook, nonetheless, is that if you’re opting for the cheapest model, you get twice as much storage with the Galaxy S10 (128GB with the S10 versus 64GB with the iPhone). Samsung’s phone also has a micro SD card slot that allows you to add extra removable storage to the phone


The iPhone 11 Pro is adequately modified to withstand water damage than the Samsung Galaxy S10. Apple’s new iPhone can withstand being put into in up to four meters of water for up to 30 minutes, while the Galaxy S10 can survive after being dipped in up to 1.5 meters of water for up to 30 minutes.

Overall Winner: iPhone 11 Pro But overall, the latest iPhone gains a victory of the day. The iPhone 11 Pro may cost $100 more than the S10, and the Galaxy S10 may offer more with its reverse charging factor.  You’ll get satisfactory performance from the iPhone 11 Pro then you would with the Galaxy S10 and Apple’s camera improvements have resulted in better pictures and more features

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