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See 5 Surprising Ways You Can Browse The Internet Without Data Plan


Nowadays, without smartphones, nobody can imagine their lives, And sometimes smartphones are useless without internet.

As World Wide Web (www) has been launched, we use the Internet quickly and easily in our daily lives, so we do not only take the knowledge we need via the internet but also get the media to link to society through various social media platforms.

In our everyday lives, the Internet plays a great part from the Internet to social media information for connecting to family and friends to making them a source of income for many. Do you know the amount of data you upload on the internet every month? It is around 1 billion gigabytes, surprising right. We can estimate how enormous the position of the Internet is in our lives, so how about getting free internet without a data plan on your Android! In this post, I will present you some ways to get free Internet without a data plan on your Android. Good luck!

1.Use VPN for Free Internet access.

Free internet is accessible today on different sites, such as trains, restaurants, hotels or fun parks, but nothing is better than free Wi-Fi, but the issue here changes to privacy because free Wi-Fi is not secure, so you’ll need VPNs, which will ensure you protection when using free wireless Internet access. Free internet is free of charge in various locations.

How does VPN function and what is it?

Using VPN you can get a service that will allow you to stay protected while using free WiFi, keep your link secure, and nobody will know what to do while using the free WiFi. VPN secures you from hackers.

2.App for Databack

This app is the fastest way to download any app from Google Play. It is a free application that can save up to 300 to 400 MB per month of your mobile data, whether it be 2G, 3G, 4G, 5G or other.

You can use your data later with the saved data on the internet or recharge your scheme in the next months with no money spent, and if any friend of yours uses this application through your transfer connection, you will receive 50MB free.

3.Gigato application App

This free app is also available as a Google Play download. This app is one of the most popular and commonly used app for free mobile data.

The Gigato app is popular and I’ll suggest it.

Certain characteristics are as follows;

Simple to download from the Play Store in Google

b.Popular application

c.When you use this app, you win the Internet

d.A list of related apps is available while using this app.

App Number 4.

This app lets you get free mobile data, whether you’re the kind of individual you like shopping online on the Internet or want to take some surveys then this app’s the best for you. This app is also free and can also be downloaded from Google Play Store.

With this app, you can collect free internet data by providing answers to various surveys and shopping, which are your tasks and will send you free internet data in return.

Mcent #5.

This is another app that helps you to access the internet free of charge, Gigato also has its features. You just have to instal and launch this app from the Google Play Store, After launching this application, you can view the list of free applications and instal them and you will be given free internet access once you instal any of those apps, with additional free SMS services and free recharge.


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