Six Tips For New Mac Users That Will Make Your Life Easier


Six Tips For New Mac Users That Will Make Your Life Easier


The versatility and portability of MacBooks are two of the reasons why so many people want to buy one. But if you’re not familiar with Macs, there are a few things you should know. If you’re new to Mac, you’ll find the following six suggestions helpful.

First, get your feet wet.

Learning the fundamentals of your Mac, such as how to launch programs, organize your files, and make use of Spotlight and Siri, is essential before you dive in. Apple’s website and individual app user guides both provide in-depth how-to information.

If you’re coming from a PC, macOS will feel and look very familiar. Many of the apps will be known to you, as will many of the functions.

Put your paperwork in order.

Files may be accessed, shared, and managed with ease using the Mac’s built-in file management capabilities. To access the folder you wish to manage, launch System Preferences and navigate to the Files & Folders section. Files can be moved around the Mac’s desktop and Finder windows by dragging and dropping them.

Maintaining order and clarity requires that your files be well-organized.

Use the file manager.

Many programs have a built-in File Browser that may be used to access and modify data stored on a computer. Whether you’re using OS X or Windows, pressing Command+Shift+O will bring up the File Browser. Pressing Command+Option+G (OS X) or Ctrl+Alt+G (Windows) will bring up a list of all the files in the current folder. Press Command+Option+E (OS X) or Ctrl+Alt+E (Windows) to open the file editor.

The File Browser is a helpful tool for managing your file collection and easily locating certain files.

Fourth, set up folders to categorize your software and documents.

Using folders can help you keep your files in order and quick to find. On a Mac, you can use either the desktop or Finder Windows to make new folders. My Documents and Desktop Pictures are just two examples of the predetermined names that macOS uses when you make a new folder. Alternatively, you can use the Shift+Command+N (OS X) or Shift+Ctrl+N (Windows) keyboard shortcut.

Searching the contents of a folder can help you locate a specific file quickly. Spotlight® allows you to search for text or file names across all of your Mac’s folders.

Fifth, keep your programs and apps up to date.

Make sure you have all the updates for your project installed before you begin working on it. Mac OS X does a pre-boot scan for them automatically. When you launch iTunes or the App Store, you will be notified of any available upgrades.

If you’re using macOS, check the App Store, and if you’re using Windows, use Microsoft Windows Update. When software is kept up-to-date, bugs are squashed, new features are added, and overall performance is enhanced.

Back up your Macintosh with Time Machine.

Mac OS X includes a robust backup and restoration tool called Time Machine. You can quickly and effortlessly back up everything on your Mac, from files and settings to apps and data. If something were to happen to your computer, you may use this backup to bring it back to life.

Six Tips For New Mac Users That Will Make Your Life Easier

Time Machine’s interface is straightforward; all you have to do is set the backup’s start and end times and click Start.

Mac OS X: Taking a Screenshot

There are several options for capturing screenshots on a Mac. To capture an image on a Mac, follow these steps:

To capture the entire screen, use Command + Shift + 3.

To capture only the active window, press Command+Shift+4.

Step 3: Select the Screenshot icon (it resembles an arrow with a camera symbol) from the menu.

Concluding Remarks

Learning how to maximize your Mac’s potential will save you time and effort in the long run. Using Time Machine and keeping Windows Update up-to-date are two great ways to ensure that your data remains secure when you surf the web. Keep in mind that you may always consult a friend or Apple’s website if you need help with your Mac.



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