The Telos4africa Initiative 

If collaboration is key to building the lasting economy that we all crave for, what better way is there to collaborate than through decentralization. It is a whole new world today,  with the introduction of DLTs – powered by the renowned blockchain technology in almost all sectors of man’s economy. 

Highly scalable solutions have quite easily been put together using this technology. Interestingly, blockchain adoption has recently experienced an all time high within first-generation economies, invariably creating a divide between economies using the technology, and those yet to even hear about. 

This goes the stress that creation of awareness couldn’t be any less necessary in a bid to largely bridge the gap between these economies. 

The Telos4africa Initiative has carved a niche within the ecosystem to strictly promote and track results arising from the execution of blockchain awareness creation campaigns and charity projects. 

What is Telos?

Telos is a networked ecosystem enabling visionary leaders and communities to work together to build a new global economy. Telos powers the digital economy of the future. 

What can you do with Telos?


  • Build autonomous corporations


Visionary leaders are building network driven entities that are socially and incentive aligned creating powerful network effects. 

       2) Move digital assets instantly

Sick of waiting 3 days to do anything?Imagine receiving value as quickly as it is created. On Telos value can be moved in 0.5 seconds.

        3) Access a truly global economy

Digital currencies and assets created on Telos move without intermediaries such as banks. The network is accessible to the billions of unbanked worldwide.

The TLOS Token

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TLOS is the fuel of the Telos Network. It can be utilized to stake for or rent application resources.

Telos Blockchain Meetup 

The giveaways

So giveaways are not necessarily the main purpose of the meetup but just a way to appreciate our community and reiterate our commitment to creating maximum impact in our immediate communities and the world at large. 

– T-shirts and hoodies

– 2 phones giveaways 

– Free Telos account 

– Free Telos tokens 

– Special Telos4africa Brochure

The team will seek to empower all interested participants with all the tools required to join the vision of promoting the telos blockchain within Nigeria. This is one way to drive productivity and we believe its impact is going to be global. 

The Speakers

This event is facilitated by creatives and leaders in the community. In this event, we will learn and interact.

Come and learn about the Telos Blockchain and get rewarded to spread the word

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