Being under quarantine means that you’re mostly stuck at home – you can’t go to events or hang out with friends. In addition to that, watching the economy free fall makes us feel powerless, and it all seems like a nightmare. But, we have to remember that the situation does not have to be dire.

As long as you have free time, you can use it to learn new things. Keeping your mind busy is one of the main tasks people should accomplish during the quarantine. To stop the reduction of your income, you can take advantage of your free time and learn a highly demanded activity.

Programming has become popular in the past few years. Electronic devices are now used everywhere. For this reason, companies need more programmers to hire. Here’s a list of top programming languages that can help have an extra income during this quarantine:


SQL is a programming language used to interact with databases. It’s particularly effective in data management. For this reason, SQL is highly used for servers as its tools manage large pools of data.

Companies need SQL developers to manage their databases so they can store their valuable data effectively. To learn how to code in SQL while under the quarantine, Springboard is the right choice. The school offers part-time courses that can get you job-ready from the comfort of your home. With the school, students receive additional support from industry mentors. 

According to Glassdoor, an SQL developer earns on average $80K per year. So notably, becoming a SQL developer is a prospect you should consider.


Python is a language that is simple and easy to learn. Because of its user-friendly, robust, and scalable nature, it is preferred by most of the startups. For this reason, Python is used across diverse fields, from machine learning to Web Development and academic research. In other words, it is a versatile tool that can be very useful in any career. Many companies like Google, Facebook, Instagram, and Amazon make use of Python wherever they can. 

You can learn basic Python skills in only eight weeks, making it a very good option to learn during the quarantine. Thinkful’s online coding bootcamp offers one to seven-month courses in software engineering, data science, and data analytics, including Python. Also, the company offers a career coach, an academic success manager, and a personal industry-experienced mentor for every student. According to Indeed, the average Python programmer income in the United States is $120K per year.


JavaScript has become a highly in-demand language because of its application in building interactive websites. The language is an essential web-design technology along with HTML and CSS. Furthermore, JavaScript usage has extended to game, desktop, and mobile app development. To put it shortly: JavaScript has become very popular and most of the companies are on the hunt for skillful candidates.

JavaScript is easy to pick up as it abstracts away most of the complex details of the machine. So, you can focus on learning how to program. you can learn JavaScript at Kenzie Academy, where graduates make on average $48K per year. The school offers a  one-year full-time online program in UX and software engineering. Coupled with JavaScript, the program also covers HTML, CSS, Python, React, and Django programming.

In Conclusion

Learning these programming languages will not only bring fun times at home but also provide challenges while life is lived under quarantine. You can become a web developer and increase your income while you work remotely after obtaining these skills. 

Companies are on the hunt for candidates with programming skills, so making time to learn them during the quarantine is valuable to your future. Learn some of these programming languages and you will see your tech career take off. The feeling of empowerment will be more noticeable as you become an expert in programming.

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