Technology has advanced, and you no longer need an office job to make money, particularly in Nigeria. Today, I’ll be telling you about the five apps in Nigeria that you can use to make money from the comfort of your own home.

1: Fiverr app: This app is available on the Google Play store. Make sure you have this app on your phone; it is a freelancing app that pays you for freelancing work. When you instal the app and register, you must specify what services you will provide and then wait to be contacted by clients who need your services and paid.

2: YouTube: This app requires no introduction because it is a very popular app. It is a video website where you can go and watch fascinating videos alone or with your loved ones, but the interesting thing is that you can also make your own videos and get paid when people watch them.

The number of people who watch your video, just like being an opera news hub content producer, decides how much you can earn.

3: Luno app: If you’re in the cryptocurrency industry, you’re probably familiar with this app, as it’s the most popular cryptocurrency app on Android. This software is used to sell and buy cryptocurrencies, and in recent years cryptocurrency has become the key deal for top business players. Leave a message here if you want to learn more about cryptocurrency.

4:Instagram:I don’t think anybody hasn’t heard of this service; it’s arguably the highest-paying app not just in Nigeria, but the world over. Instagram is widely recognised as the home of celebrities both local and foreign. And that’s cool if you want to make money, because the presence of celebrities on the platform makes it easier for your creative content to reach a wide range of audience, the app pays you for your creative content, and that’s not all, some micro companies looking for adverts for their product and services, even get to reach out to you when you have a wide range of audience.

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5: Bamboo app: This is my favourite app; it is available on the Google Play store and allows you to purchase international company stocks. You’ve been staring at international companies like Google, Facebook, and Amazon, and wondering how to buy their stocks. You can now purchase their stocks using the Bamboo app.

In conclusion

This is the best app I can think of right now; if you have any questions, please leave a comment below, and don’t forget to follow for more company updates.

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