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What Are Some Good Employment Options During The Pandemic?


The pandemic affected most of the global economy. There were millions of citizens who lost their jobs because of Covid-19. They could not continue working because their jobs exposed them to the virus, or their companies were forced to shut their doors. However, not everything is lost. Some people were able to keep with jobs despite Covid-19.

Tech jobs were some of the most resilient ones during the coronavirus outbreak. Yet, these aren’t the only ones that survived the pandemic. In this article, we’ve compiled some of the most resilient jobs during the pandemic. 


Freelancers are the fuel of the gig economy. They are independent online contractors that work in different areas such as writing, software development, SEO, video editing, and graphic design. Since freelancers are used to a work-from-home setup, they didn’t have any issues performing their tasks during the quarantine. 

Besides, companies are now more open to gig workers because it’s a more flexible approach to hiring employees. Freelancing was one of the best options to work during the quarantine.

Delivery Jobs

Demand for delivery services spiked during the Covid-19 outbreak. Since people were not allowed to eat at restaurants or simply didn’t want to expose themselves to the virus, it was better to ask for delivery services. That’s why companies like Uber or Walmart had such high demand during the pandemic. 

This was a controversial job because people believed delivery drivers were exposed to the virus with their job. However, most of them didn’t have any contact with their clients; they just received the package and left it at the front door. That way, they avoid getting or spreading the virus to other people.

Web Developers

The demand for web developers was incredibly high during the Covid-19 outbreak. The reason for this is that e-commerce purchases increased drastically. People were buying almost everything online. Therefore, it was almost imperative for most companies to invest in web development.

Web developers don’t need to work at an office. They just need their digital tools, their computers, and their knowledge. That’s why they don’t have any issues working from home. Most web developers worked as freelancers, and this allowed them to financially survive the pandemic. However, others had a full-time contract with their company since they’d be required to maintain the platform once it was online. 

Digital Marketers

The competition was fierce among all the e-commerce websites that wanted to keep their business afloat. Therefore, they had to allocate their resources towards digital marketing. Digital marketing helped companies stand out from others in the same field. That way, they’d be able to attract the right customers to their business.

Digital marketing is also one of those jobs that can be performed remotely. In fact, many digital marketers were already working from home before the pandemic started. Now, the coronavirus situation became proof that marketing never stops, even in the middle of a pandemic.

Financial Specialists

As we previously mentioned, many people lost their jobs during the pandemic. According to NBC News, more than 40 million employees were laid off due to Covid-19. Besides, many businesses had to shut their doors or were near bankruptcy. Both parties needed financial help to survive. 

Financial advisors and financial planners were there to help unemployed people and companies overcome the economic catastrophe brought by Covid-19. That’s why they became so in-demand during the coronavirus outbreak. On the other hand, companies that could thrive in the situation also needed financial advisors to keep their businesses afloat. 


Although the pandemic was a severe situation that drastically damaged the economy, some people could cope with it and find resilient ways to survive. It’s important to mention that people who continued working also had to struggle with their personal difficulties. However, they didn’t give up and made the best out of their situation.

During the pandemic, some of the most resilient jobs were web development, digital marketing, delivery, and financial services. Even after the pandemic, these might continue to be in-demand professions because Covid-19 brought a new normal to our lives. 


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