Man walking through a busy open plan offic
Man walking through a busy open plan offic

Did you know that only about 16% of the world’s total population is made up of entrepreneurs? This statistic was collected from the USA GEM report for 2018/2019. Many people try to set up their own businesses but they fail before their first year ends. Only a few grow their businesses until it becomes a public venture. So, whether you like to admit it or not, employers have too much power over a significant percentage of the world’s population. This is why there is always a rush to know what employers want and what prospective employees can do to gain employment. The needs of employers are ever-changing. What they need now is different from what they needed 50 years ago and what they will need 50 years into the future. These are some trending skills to impress your future employer:

1. Teamwork 

As long as an organization doesn’t rely on only one person, teamwork is an essential skill that employers will always look out for when recruiting new talent. You might be the best at what you do, but how do you work when you’re with others? Do you handle group projects with the best interest of the group and the company in mind or are you only after personal glory? Not being able to function within a team might cost you an amazing job even when you’re talented. 

2. ITC Skills 

In the future, almost every workplace will be digital. This is because digitization increases revenue and competitive advantage by 40%. It also speeds up decision making by 37% and improves the overall business process by 40%, according to NTT global. Every employee wants to improve efficiency and save costs in the process. If this means letting go of people who don’t have information technology communication skills and replacing them with those who do, that’s exactly what they’ll do. 

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3. Lifelong Learning 

Lifelong learners are people who don’t put an age bracket on education. They don’t limit themselves to learning only in a formal education setting but are willing to view learning as a continuous process. The appeal to employers is that lifelong learners will always be ready to improve their skills for the benefit of the organization. When there is a need for an online job training course to boost their skills, these lifetime learners face it head-on and excel. They also learn from day to day activities and are never tired of acquiring more knowledge. 

4. Empathy 

This might come as a shock to you but empathy isn’t a skill limited to psychologists, nurses, and some other healthcare providers. We live in an age in which political correctness is being watched with an eagle eye. When you have empathy, you’ll be careful about what you say to people in the workplace and how you react in difficult situations. Empathy is your ability to put yourself in the shoes of others. It could be anyone from your colleagues to the company’s clients. 

5. Persuasion

Persuasion is another skill that employers long for in their employees. It’s especially important for people in marketing and sales. Persuasion is your ability to convince people to take a particular course of action even if they had no intention of doing so initially. Sales are all about persuasion. It doesn’t matter if it’s cars, insurance, or the sale of any other product or service. You can quickly climb to the top of your career if you combine your talent with persuasion skills. 

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6. Cognitive Flexibility

Cognitive flexibility is your ability to think about multiple concepts simultaneously. It is usually a combination of adaptability, confidence, and awareness. Cognitive flexibility also makes you great at problem-solving and it is an executive function. You’ll be able to explore many opportunities and address many challenges at the same time. You’ll also have a strong chance at a management role in your company. 


The six skills listed above aren’t just going to make you a better employee. They are also going to make you a better entrepreneur if that’s the route you intend to take eventually. Being a good team player, having IT skills, cognitive flexibility and all the other skills listed above will improve every other aspect of your life. Lifelong learning will help you swallow unnecessary pride and take an online training course on if that’s what is needed to remain relevant in the future workspace. It doesn’t matter if you’ve been working for 10 or 20 years. 

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