WhatsApp has cautioned its billions of users worldwide that if they downloaded an unauthorized programme that has incorporated functions that WhatsApp won’t yet release, they will be blocked from the platform.

After a supportive Android software claimed to unlock some fresh WhatsApp messages at the end of last month, the Facebook corporation released the warnings on their website.

The application is named ‘GB WhatsApp’ and offers users the opportunity to share multiple images simultaneously and respond with automatic answers like ‘In a meeting.’

It also claims that you can hide receipts while still seeing read status, as well as other advantages.

While these may appear enticing to many users, WhatsApp has warned that it might be quite expensive to download such unapplicable third-party apps.

If you do not switch to your official WhatsApp account, you can be prohibited from accessing the most popular on the world and you can notice that you were first suspended from WhatsApp.

“When your account is temporarily blocked,’ it is possible that you use an unsupported WhatsApp version rather than an official WhatsApp,” says the Facebook company in an update for their tiny print on the website. “There are no signals of a new version of the WhatsApp.

“We may permanently prohibit your account from accessing WhatsApp if you don’t switch to an official app after you’re temporarily barred.”

‘GB WhatApp’ is not available on Google Play Store but on unauthorised web application repositories, forcing you to disable several basic Android-enabled safeguards, says Express, Express, Reports,

Whatsap says: Whatsap: “Altered versions of WhatsApp are non-supported applications, such as WhatsApp Plus, GB WhatApp and apps that purport to transport WhatsApp chats between phones.

“These informal applications are built by third parties and breach our Service Terms. WhatsApp does not accept third-party applications since its security practises cannot be validated by us.


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